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Credit Bureau History Lesson...

Credit Bureau History Lesson…

Let’s take a brief look at how credit bureaus came into existence. Back in the good old days, if you applied for a loan, your credit file was ordered from the local credit bureau (all credit bureaus were local back than). A bookkeeper went in the back office, rummaged around for a bit and pulled out a paper file with the person’s name on it. Someone would look at the file and determine if they would offer you credit. If there was a questionable marking or error on the file, a simple phone call or visit to the office could clear the matter up.

What is OCR?

What is OCR?

The Acronym OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition…. That’s a fancy name for a computer that can read… An OCR device can “take a picture” of a letter (like a scanner) then read the picture and understand the picture is actually a letter….
OUCH!!! How can that affect your business??
It can actually HELP!!! Read the post for the details-