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Are there Stats on “Metered” vs. “Stamped” Disputes?

GetAttachment[1]Has anyone noticed any difference with OCR or the Bureaus as far as if you use a postage meter machine or regular stamps?

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  1. Hey Mike, I truly enjoyed this weeks session. A tremendous amount of information was shared and I also enjoyed hearing about Vladamere and I GUARANTEE you that I will NOT miss any more Boot Camps. I’m sorry that I was unable to make it to the Florida Boot Camp but I WILL see you in Texas where everything is bigger…

  2. Todd C says:

    I am new to the business and am vary thankfull i found your blog!!! can you please share the info on the envelope provider?

  3. Aida Walls says:

    yes I would like to know the hand written method. Thank you for all your valuble information.

  4. karine m says:

    Hi. Thanks for all the great info. Can you please share with me the information on the envelopes that are handwritten. I greatly appreciate it, and would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your great advice. I am currently signed up for your DisputeSuite system.

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