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Must Derogatory Information be Removed for a Judgement?

GetAttachment[1]I know for a bankruptcy, that all items listed in the bankruptcy can show up in the account section, but all of the derogatory information must be removed. Is this the same for a judgment? I have a client who has a judgment from Target and the account is also listed in the account section with all of the derogatory info.

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  1. Bladimir says:

    This bootcamp was the best even that I've ever been to. I am glad to be part of the greatest event in our industry. Mike thanks for keeping it coming although you had me at Dispute Suite!!

    You Happiest client,

    Bladimir Mercedes

  2. Holly Jewell says:

    Hi Mike & Crew,

    I wanted to thank Mike & staff for putting on the best Credit Repair Bootcamp ever! The event was so content-filled with invaluable insider knowledge and the speaker line up was also phenomenal! Every speaker's topic was extremely on target and I learned so much from everyone! The mood of the event was also wonderful – everyone was very cooperative and sharing of information. Thanks again, Mike for all you do for us, the industry, and the consumer! You'll be hard pressed to out do yourself at the next Boot Camp Seminar in Dallas Texas, Oct 15-17!

    Best regards,
    Holly Jewell

  3. I really enjoyed the webinar today, great job…I look forward to coming to the next bootcamp, seems priceless…I will get at least 5 others to go also…thanks for making this available to us…bless you brother…David

  4. phelon says:

    At first I was skeptical about attending the bootcamp. As you know its SO MUCH information about repairing credit on the internet that its almost impossible to sift through whats beneficial and what is not. After speaking to others that have been to the bootcamp I decided to spend the money. Let me tell you IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY. I feel so empowered now with the knowledge that I've obtained and I cannot wait to get my business running on another level. I will definitely keep you posted. THANKS AGAIN!

  5. As a 10+ year credit repair industry veteran, I have been extremely impressed about the qaulity of the Boot Camp as a whole. I learned strategies, proceedures and great information regarding industry laws. The Advanced Tactics and your "Black Hat" tricks were amazing. There was great information in regards to collection agencies, BK's and Foreclosures which provided information that I did not know before and will help me immensely as I work for my clients in the future. There was insightful information regarding the BBB and how to build good relationships with the BBB as we establish our industry with quality, excellence and integrity. Your Boot Camps are a MUST for EVERY CREDIT INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL. Mike Citron's Boot Camps will provide you with $100K ideas. Thanks, Dino

  6. Mike, I wanted to stop and say thank you for the incredible Credit Repair Boot Camp. It was packed with industry information, which I expected but you're Boot Camp also had tremendous information for marketing, book writing, social media and SEO advice shared by you as well as some amazing guest speakers like Jay Levinson ,David Fago & Joel Bauer. What an awesome and unexpected treat.

  7. Your Boot Camps are a MUST for EVERY CREDIT INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL. Mike Citron's Boot Camps will provide you with $100K ideas. I don't care how seasoned you are, you will always learn valuable information that will improve the service you provide to your customers. The networking with 200 or 300 other industry professionals that are all committed to having the best service for their clients and are willing to share their ideas with everyone there. This was so refreshing! The environment was not competitor driven, it was embracing and information wealth sharing. Everyone there had a heart felt passion to improve our industry's name and reputation and a true willingness to share with everyone else so we can all go back to our businesses and improve the work we do for all of our customers. Truly AWESOME!!!!!!

  8. phillygta says:

    Hey, Mike: Great info at today's webinar. I think that we should a devote another in-depth webinar(s) focused on the BBB. They are UNFAIRLY killing this much-needed, in-demand industry — which obviously hurts consumers, the banking industry and ALL our pockets.

  9. Adam Rojas says:

    Mike, it is so great to have you by our side. Your webinars and advises make credit repair a lot easier.

  10. Michael says:

    I enjoy the webinar each Wednesday, Reinforcing the idea that you can close the sale and still remain compliant is a point that cannot be taught enough. We are, in these tough times, looking for ways to increase business. We can do this and still remain true to our principals, compliant, and successful. Keep up the great work and all your tips and little extras are greatly appreciated ad helpful.
    Thank you,


  11. isaac hausman says:

    Hi Mike,

    You state that on a bankruptcy tradeline, other than reporting the date of bankruptcy filing and discharge, all data is scrubbed, basically zeroed out. Can you please share what rule/law(section) dictates that action. I know on your webinars you quote acts/rulings/interpertations without showng the actual black and white written prose.

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