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Should you always dispute?

Can the deletion of a derogatory item actually reduce a client’s credit score?

Wow!! Thank you for this great question…

I actually just included this topic in a continuing education lecture that I am performing for a professional organization…


The deletion of a derogatory item can reduce a client’s credit score. Remember- the 5 main items that encompass a credit score

35% Payment History

30% Utilization

15% Average age of accounts

10% Mix/Variety of Credit

10% Inquiries

If an account that “had” some derogatory information associated with it also had a lengthy history, then your “NEW” average age of accounts will be significantly less…

With the new average age calculation, your client’s credit score can actually significantly decrease!!

Don’t become an ineffective computer… Analyze each situation independently and react accordingly. No 2 clients will have the EXACT same situation… I like to compare clients to Thumb-prints… Each one’s a thumb but they’re all a bit different….

Organize and automate your business… If you haven’t; checked out the free trial to, now is the time… software has revolutionized the credit repair industry… Check it out- It speaks for itself…

More to come soon….

Your Friend in the Credit Biz,

Mike Citron

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  1. Daniel says:

    Agreed. This can’t be stressed enough – don’t just do a blanket dispute request. Analyze each individual’s situation to determine what will work best for him/her.

  2. Nadav says:

    Hi Mike,

    Call was great very informative
    and was very refreshing to hear your voice and wisdom cant wait for the next webminar

  3. Blair says:

    You mentioned “Don’t become an ineffective computer… Analyze each situation independently and react accordingly. No 2 clients will have the EXACT same situation… I like to compare clients to Thumb-prints… Each one’s a thumb but they’re all a bit different….”
    I agree, and it is my desire to give each of my clients individualized attention according to their situation, but………. it takes a LOT more time and I am frustrated in trying to implement it like I would like to when I look at $ earned/ hour spent on each client. It seems that currently I am not charging enough, but I’m not sure if my current client base could handle much of an increase. Any suggestions?

    • Cheryl says:

      Hi Blair: I agree with your post. If I didn't need to eat or sleep, I could spend more individualized time with each report. Did Mike give you any suggestions? Especially in today's economic times just how much more can you increase your fees without clients canceling services with you? Thanks for your time, Cheryl

  4. Blair says:

    I appreciate your seminars, as usual, and I am definitely going to implement putting on CE type seminars and classes. Any further help you can give would be appreciated.



  5. philip brody says:

    great call very infromtive always learning new stuff keep up the good work

  6. columbus Bryant says:

    Hello Mike,

    I really enjoyed listening into the webinar today. There are alot of good tips on here. I am replying to get a copy of the presentation and book. I really enjoy this company

  7. This is great advice, especially for those of us who see a negative like a 30 day late from 2006 on a 15 year old account and assume that because it’s negative it should be disputed.

    The webinar yesterday was awesome! It is amazing to have such a great pioneer like you in our circle. Thank you for all you do for us in the credit restoration biz, the information you provide is powerful AND empowering! Keep up the excellent work and thank you again! We are excited to get a copy of the presentation you gave yesterday as well as the book so that we can take our company to the next level and beyond!

    Jennifer Young
    BluePoint Financial

  8. Manny C. says:

    Is it also possible that if it’s a paid derog that as it gets older the less it affects your score, and at least shows that you did ultimatley fulfill your obligation to pay?

  9. Jerry Borough says:

    This is another reason to have an expert help restore a clients credit. Mike, Great webinar yesterday.

  10. Curtis Weaver says:

    I think that this info will be and is very important and helpful to help “clean one’s credit”, thanks very much!

  11. Lewis says:

    Great info! I’m looking forward to hearing you speak at the Tampa Bay Real Estate Investors Association on August 6 in Clearwater, Florida.


  12. LaMont says:

    Mike, I truly enjoyed your last webinar and find each of them tremendously valuable in the building of knowledge in this industry. Can’t wait until the next boot camp.

  13. Denis says:

    You had mentioned at the previous bootcamp a specific strategy to dispute items included in a BK; however, I did not notice guidance or specific sample letters. This would be invaluable.

    Thanks for the very informative call today…as always, many golden nuggets!


  14. Letty says:

    Hi Mike,

    The webinar was very informative every week I look forward to learn something new. I can’t thank you enough for the information that you provide for all of us and the continuing education.

    Thanks again,
    PS please send me copies of Peggy’s letters and the free software.

  15. Ken says:

    Mike, thanks for the valuable information and you are correct – no two clients are the same – even husband and wife.

    I enjoyed today’s webinar. All of it was very informative and in particular two parts:
    a) the debt settlement letter results and tactics – excellent;
    b) the reminder to brush up on our pitch – so often we forget the new prospect is hearing our pitch the first time and we need to remind ourselves to make it as fresh and exciting as the first one.

    Thanks again – look forward to the next webinar.


  16. Brad says:

    Mike, thanks for the above info.,that is very important to know in this industry. It’s alot more work to analyze three credit reports and know which derogatory info. to dispute and which one not to dispute, for a possible decrease in your clients score. In the end though it’s well worth it in keeping your client happy. So, everyone please analyze, analyze, analyze to keep your clients happy & to not add to the bad name that the credit repair industry already has established. By the way Mike, thank God for an industry expert like you – you gave me an abundance of courage & confidence to hedge foward in this industry. Great Bootcamp in Tampa & Great Webinar today on Debt Settlement, Compliance,& Answers to Questions one has. Also, how can I get a copy of your presentation & book that someone mentioned on this blog.

  17. Doug says:


    Call was great! Ready for the next one!

  18. Audrey says:

    Mike,thank you so much for taking the time to set up all of these terrific and very informative webinars. All of your guest speakers have been very kind to share their knowledge, experiences and ideas with the group. Hat’s off to you!

  19. Angel Mendez says:

    If an account that “had” some derogatory information associated with it also had a lengthy history, then your “NEW” average age of accounts will be significantly less…

    Very True I have made it my goal to annalyze every situation carefully. I have noticed sometimes it is best to leave a Derogatory on for several reasons, get some more trade lines and then dispute it. Thanks for all the information. Dispute Suite and all its Clients will grow far beyond measure.

    “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

  20. Columbus Bryant says:

    What is the average times you have to send in dispute letters

  21. Columbus Bryant says:

    Mike will we get a copy of the letter from yesterdays webinar. It was a great secession.

  22. Lon Dunn says:

    There are times when I just give the Client all the information, and let them make the decision.

    I think it is important to remember that my job is to WRITE LETTERS OF DISPUTE to clients, I am not attempting to be a Credit Counselor, nor should I. My job is to write those letters, and let them mail them out. The FCRA is after all, a CONSUMER BASED LAW; and it is really the consumers decision.

    I will note to the consumer that this is relevant to the Underwriter reviewing their loan. For instance, if they have an Unpaid Balance from an Apartment Management Co, and the affilate was a Realtor, more than likely, the CONSUMER WOULD WANT THAT DELETED, regardless of age. What U/W in their right mind is going to lend them 250k for their first home knowing the consumer still owes 1500 for their last months rent, and didn’t get it taken care of or have the sense to do something before going to the Realtor!!

    Conversely, if the account is completely UNRELATED to the Transaction, for instance, I have a client who didn’t pay a $100 phone bill? And the account is closed? Well, the Consumer should know: “It’s your call” b/c getting it deleted will probably have no net tangible benefit to their scores one way or the other.

    A recent late is going to really impact their scores, and getting those deleted through a “GOOD WILL GESTURE” might be the best approach to a fresh, open wound. For instance I have a current client who just last month was late to State Farm of all people!! He must have financed his car insurance… You know the amount? $31. So his scores dropped 60 points over $31 !! I bet that is the most expensive $31 he ever didn’t pay. So we approached State Farm, and they agreed to change it to CURRENT not from threatening, or berating, but the Client wrote a very polite, and non agressive PLS HELP ME letter, and State Farm obliged.

    So there are no FAST, CUT AND DRY scenarios. I like to keep the LAW OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES in mind, as well as the LAW OF EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION.

    Your client can’t badger when a please will do, and can’t get the impression that deleting is always the answer.

    Finally, FHA Lending Rules stipulate the Borrower “Need Not Pay off Existing Balances unless instructed to do so by the Lender” so don’t be in a rush to do this for Realtors and Loan Officers, wait till the Underwriter asks the client, then go into hyperoverdrive, cause they will want it done yesterday.

    Hope this practical advice helps,

    Lon Dunn, Sr.
    Alexandria Virginia

  23. izzy says:

    Hi Mike
    I appreciate the seminors
    each week i feel that we learn new information that can help our customers
    thank you for taking your time to help us and our customers

  24. Damien Rufus says:

    Thanks Mike for another wonderful webinar. I can’t wait to get started getting the word out there on the radio waves!

    Has there been a webinar on marketing through social media? I think that would be a great one!

    As always, thanks again for all the wonderfull work that you do!

  25. Great point! Most credit “experts” are really these credit repair shops that just do letter writing but do not really do the clients a service. They do them a “Disservice”!

  26. Greg Kalush says:

    Great Blog. Makes perfect sense

  27. Harold C says:

    Fantastic content as usual. I really appreciate the time you take in preparing the webinars as well as the time allotted for Q&A.

  28. Janice Pantano says:

    Good point Mike. I may be overlooking this. Also, I gaining so much from your weekly webinars.

  29. Kawan says:

    I became associated with your company as soon as I started my credit repair buisiness. I have listened to your Webinars and learned early on to look at each item, so that I was doing servicing my customer in the most positive way.

    I enjoy each and every webinar and often go back and listen to them more than once. The information you provide is honest and practical. In addition to providing us with information, you take the time to answer our questions. I thought about this today and in addition to the prizes and goodies you give us, you give us your time which I know is worth thoussands! I am clear on the value to give us and I don't miss the webinars! Even if it means I am listening as I drive or run errands. Wednesdays (among other days)are dedicated to educating myself!

    Thanks again for all you do for our industry!

  30. Kelly Wells says:

    Mike, Thank you very much for a great call today – even for those of us who have been in the industry for awhile it's always refreshing to get that kick in the butt to get going with the things that we need to do with our businesses. Thanks again

  31. Zissy says:

    Great call as always! Looking forward to the next one.

  32. Jim Hogle says:

    Great webinar with Roger S.!!! Excited to get his free tips and the video. Keep up the great work and content. We are all in this together! Jim Hogle

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