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Can I Charge my Monthly Fee if the Client Fails to Forward Mail I Could Have Answered?

GetAttachment[1]If the client has not sent the incoming letters to you and you have asked for them via phone, email, etc., and you are now waiting before the next round of letters is sent, can you legally charge the customer for the month if you have not done any work (assumes they are paying monthly)?

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  1. jaylon says:

    This is great information. I have always wondered this and your spot on. The webinar was great today. Oh and don't rip on Mike so much. LOL.

    BootCamp in Dallas…. LOVING IT! Take care and I look forward to the bonuses for today!

  2. jaylon says:

    Something else about this, even though you don't have the disputes back, (car wreck, personal issue, etc) would we want to be PROACTIVE and send another round on their behalf?

  3. Steve Leifer says:

    Great answer and clarifies the point. This is one of the main reasons for "firing" your client.

    Thanks Mike

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