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What Can I Expect by Taking a Collector to Court?

GetAttachment[1]Well, as of Sunday, it will be 30 days that Palisades collections hasn’t gotten back to me and my request (I sent it certified mail). They verified the account twice with the bureaus and haven’t responded to verification/validation. My next step will be suing pro se. I would think I have 3 counts against them, which adds up to $3,000.00 Also, who they are collecting on behalf of has no information to pull up. Has anyone here personally, or had a client take a collector to court? What can I expect?

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  1. Adam Valdez says:

    Thank you Mike and everyone at Dispute Suite! The information you pass along is extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. I've only been in the business a short time, but the time and money that you've saved me would be impossible to calculate. Please keep it up!



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