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Is success in sight?

Much like your “tom tom” GPS keeps your car on the right route, you must set a destination for your credit repair business, otherwise you may wind up lost or on a detour.  The best way to keep on destination is with setting goals. Whether your goal is having the freedom to work from home, adding addition income, or creating the next largest credit repair company, you will need to set goals in order to reach your destination.

Setting a designation can be broken into 3 processes:

1. Setting goals

2. Developing a plan to achieve those goals

3. Keeping track of your time to make sure your plans get executed.

When we do our mastermind groups, we ask members (without warning) to tell us what their goals are. Most look around, and rattle off something on the fly, without any real thought. Don’t feel bad..Most of us are seat of your pants, day by day operators.

IBM’s plan for achieving their goals consists of three simple things

      1) Respect everyone you do business with 

      2) Pursue excellence, and

      3) Provide outstanding customer service.  

Sound too simple?

Well believe it or not, goals don’t have to be complex.

The best goals are realistic-the ones that can be achieved. How about a goal like adding 50 customers this month, or hiring 2 new people, or ranking higher in the search engines? 

One of my friends gave me a great definition of a goal “A goal is a dream with a deadline.”  Write yours down and force yourself to execute them.

Your friend in the credit biz,

Mike Citron

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  1. Hi Mike. I agree. It's really easy to get sidetracked and unfocused with too many ideas to implement, blogs to write etc. I find that priority lists and revisiting my notes taken from webinars help me remember what I know is important for me to implement to reach these goals while staying focused. Thanks for the great webinar today on SEO. Janet French, The Society for Financial Awareness.

  2. Mike says:

    Great points

  3. Daniel says:

    Great insights during the SEO webinar. Thanks, and don't forget to send the SEO kit!

  4. Lonnie Stevenson says:

    Kind of goes along with determining your WHY in life. Why do you get out of bed and go to work each day. If you don't know why, you probably had to drag yourself out of bed. Having goals helps to clarify your why which helps you get started. GOAL are what you need to keep yourself clear and on target. Thanks for sharing Mike,

  5. Wow Mike! I couldn't have said it better! I write my short and long term goals down regularly. I also write down my execution plans. And furthermore, I often re-evaluate my plans and re-write them as necessary. I also think it's important to have visuals of your goals in front you … so if your goal is to obtain a new home, car, etc., then you should post a picture of the SPECIFIC home or car you want and post it on your computer or somewhere very close to your workspace where you'll see it on a daily basis. That's what I do. In fact, I have a copy of the floor plan of my dream home posted on the wall next to my computer, lol, and that, in addition to my children's faces, is what keeps me going and working so hard to obtain my goal of "My SUCCESS".

    As usual, your Webinar was "OFF THE CHAIN", lol – if I may be so blunt! You always out-do yourself and no matter how much I might hear some of the same things over again, I always get a new understanding or perspective of it. So you're always the best – #1 – in my book and please keep it coming Mike. The Credit Biz wouldn't be the same without you so dont ever think about leaving or I might have to stalk you, lol!

    Your Friend,

    Yusheeka Davis

  6. mike gusler says:

    Great stuff as usual Mike – but you that shirt is a bit unflattering. Just kidding – hey you said I could say anything, good, bad, or indifferent.
    Honestly though – the video feed is a bit distracting because it overlaps the text – but, that's only my opinion.
    Can't wait for the Tampa Boot Camp. Cheers.

    Mike Gusler

  7. mike gusler says:

    Great stuff as usual Mike – but you that shirt is a bit unflattering. Just kidding – hey you said I could say anything, good, bad, or indifferent.
    I don't really like the video – it's a bit distracting – it overlaps on the message text. – But that's just my opinion

    Have a great week and thanks again for all of the good stuff.

    Mike Gusler

  8. Steve Meyers says:

    That was a great reminder. I think it could be one of the most important "tips" you give, becuase it sets the context for everything else you share with us. We have to ask: "so WHY do I want to do what Mike C suggests." Or even: "Do I want to do what he suggests–does it fit with MY own personal goals?"

    I want to start that process with all of the people in my company. Guess I'll have to start with myself. I did that process about 18 years ago. Wrote down about 12 goals. Very specific: new biz: where it would come from for the year, how much, etc., etc. Found the sheet a year later, and 11 out of 12 had come to fruition with about plus or minus 5%. Scarred the poop out of me! I think I'm afraid to do the process because I realize how powerful God made us humans. In His image. Now, after considering the way you put it, I think I'll be more afraid NOT to do the process!

    Thank you for all that you do, all that you share, all that you give–your committment is awe-inspiring!

  9. Dejr Bostick says:

    Hey Mike Great Weinar today….It gave me a refocus on my role in this industry and that was awesome to see this blog on success and it is something that I revisit everyday being my goals..Keep it coming you are truly an apostle in this industry.

  10. Letty Santos says:

    Hi Mike, __The webinar was very informative. Just last week my staff and I started working on a web page for our business and really had no idea on what we were doing. Your webinar gave us the right direction to continue working on the webpage. Thank you for all the valuable information you give us each week. Keep up the good work.__Reading this article about goals reminds me to go back to basics. I get so overwhelmed with work that I forget to set goals and track the progress. Thank you for reminding us to set goals. Something so simple can really make a BIG difference in the business. __Could you please send me more information on how to make a web page? What you promised on Thursdays webinar sorry I am a little late. __

  11. Rafael Arce says:

    Hi Mike, The webinar was full of golden nuggets. As always my note pad is full of notes from your webinar. The credit repair biz box is amazing because it gives me everything i need to successfully run my credit business. I really dont know where my business would be now without this great tool that keeps getting updated. Thank you for taking your time to teach about the credit business, and a big thank you to your staff as well. Thank you for your guidance in a very complex credit business world.

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