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What do we do with a Bankruptcy that was Dismissed?

GetAttachment[1]I am new and would like to know does anyone have any experience with removing a bankruptcy that has been dismissed? Please share your wisdom on this topic. I had all the court papers showing it was dismissed.

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  1. Blair Warner says:

    Can you comment on the tactics for dealing with a report where most of the derog items are "included in BK", and, of course, the actual BK under Public Records section as well. The BK is over 5 years old. Is there a way to actually get the items included in the BK removed, as well as the BK removed? You can't just say "this BK is not mine", of course.

  2. tina says:

    Just from my expericence… a bankrupycy can not be removed until 10 years even if it is dismissed.

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