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What are the Best Tactics for Handling Medical Collections Beyond the Statute of Limitations?

GetAttachment[1]I have a client whose report is almost entirely medical collections. Of these, the majority are all past the SOL for collecting – being sued here in Florida. The client says that all of the accounts being reported should have been paid by Medicare, which was her provider at the time. She does not know why the claims weren’t paid. So, before attacking these (I am a newbie!), I am a little stumped over which route to go. Possivle routes: (1) Could dispute directly with Medicare and perhaps they really should have paid it and they take care of it. If not, at the very least, I could get some info on WHY it wasn’t paid (i.e., Did the provider not submit the claim timely? Did the patient not pay something she was supposed to pay, and the tradeline being reported is actually what my client owes out of pocket?) (2) SOL tactic – like I said, most of these accounts are past the SOL. (3) HIPPA tactic — I am a little confused with this one because I recall at the boot camp (and it says it on the first page of the tactic guide) this tactic should only be used when you actually pay the account in full. However, there is a whole letter (I believe it is letter #2) dedicated to instances where it is a billing error or when claim should have been paid, etc. That letter speaks to what could possibly be the situation here, which is why I thought using this tactic was a possibility. Any advice and/or clarification would be sooooo helpful. Thank you.

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