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Expectations? Are you sure you’re…..

 Consumers who hire credit repair companies do so, for several reasons; they’re too busy, they don’t know how to do it themselves, they don’t understand the process, they prefer to have an expert rather than a novice and probably several other potential reasons…

 Regardless of the reason a client has to hire a credit repair company, all clients will have certain expectations. Making sure that you and your client have similar expectations is integral to the success of your company. A typical client doesn’t understand the rationale for the difference in price amongst credit repair companies… Clients who pay $29 a month for Credit Repair services usually think that they are getting $100’s worth of services for $29- Clients who pay $100’s quite often feel that they are paying too much when they see an ad for a cheaper price! This should not be the case BUT it is…

 If you take the time to educate your clients on what your services are, why they are priced at what they are and what to expect for service, you will find yourself in a better ongoing situation. A client will typically be ok with you calling them once every 2 months… IF YOU TELL THEM THAT UPFRONT… if you don’t, then you will probably see a complaint from the BBB on your doorstep-If you tell a client that you will call once a week- CALL ONCE A WEEK… This sounds simple but most businesses don’t have comprehensive organized strategies upfront to avoid communication issues…

 In order to ensure that you and your client are on the same page, I suggest making a simple form title EXPECTATIONS!! On this form detail what your client can expect from you and what you expect from your client!! Being upfront will minimize your refunds, complaints and unhappy clients. Being upfront will promote referrals, increased revenues and up sell potential!

Don’t make the same mistake that most Credit repair company owners make, be organized, be consistent and have a plan.

 Having a plan can be as simple as a yellow pad with some notes, or as complex as a Visio chart linking to an internal knowledgebase that is updated by a reminder system that is managed by a task management system… WOW!!  I didn’t fully understand the part after the yellow pad but… the fundamentals are the SAME!! Be organized to ensure success…

 Clients and friends have brought to my attention that “many disorganized people are ultra successful”— I could agree with them more, but the missing part of that puzzle is the internal organization… You don’t have to be the most organized; you just must understand that if you aren’t- you should delegate the necessary organizational aspects of your company. Hiring of assistants to compliment your strengths is far more important and effective than attempting to change habits that have long been ingrained in your personality-

 Having a business that is well organized is not only important for client interaction but it is imperative for the actual business practice. Your actual business practice is based on the disorganization of credit reporting agencies, banks, collection agencies, and credit card companies. Due to the fact that we thrive on their incompetence and benefit from that, it would be silly for anyone that is attempting to run a successful credit repair company to practice the same way that their adversaries do…

Til next time… I look forward to hearing your comments, keep them coming

Your friend in the credit biz,

Mike Citron

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  1. Mike,

    Great article. I do most of what you state, and will incorporate the rest. I agree, managing expectation is key.

    Hopefully this qualifies me for the SEO Kit.

  2. James Rollings says:

    Great article! I Wish I would have read this 5 months ago. A customer may have an entirely different expectation unless it is discussed. Very informative webinar today. Great MOV stategy!

  3. Joseph De Marco says:

    Another great article Mike about how to treat clients & how to run a succesful credit repair business.
    The webinar you hosted was again filled with awesome valuable information. I know you mentioned the best way to get affiliates is to speak to large groupsbut how can you speak to mortgage bankers & real estate agents in large groups? Are there associations or societies for them?
    Please send me the bonus books.

    Joseph De Marco

  4. Giovanni Casillas says:

    No question about it! Unbelievebly enough, a real estate attorney approached us to aid in the restoration of his credit. It is abvious that he does not have the time to learn about the process and therefore contacted a company referred to him by a friend. His negative information is not due to his inability to pay his debt but rather his inability to spend some time on his personal life. He has late payments on his car and credit cards and a collection for $37 with the electric company. Honestly, I personally never expect someone of that level of professonalism to have bad credit but I realize that his credit does NOT in any way reflect that he is irresponsible. We have aided in implementing a plan to organize his personal expenses in addition to help remove all of the negative reporting. It is crucial to set the expectations to our clients because when we over achieve, gratitude from clients is extreme.

    All the info you provide (Mike) is pricesless. Todays webinar is probably one of the most informative in a while and congratulate you that. I hope that we can have more webinars like this in the near future. Looking forward to seeing you as an icon of the industry.

  5. Melissa Johnson says:

    Mike @ Mike
    Thanks for all your time and information in today's seminar. If you could send the information recap to my email I would greatly appreciate it. Your Q & A time always prooves most valuable.

  6. Phil Hogg says:

    Good article, setting expectations is very important.
    The call today was great. I can wait to hear about e-OSCAR next week.

  7. Steve Leifer says:

    Great advice.

    Thanks Mike

  8. Tod K says:

    Thanks for the information today, a great way to start the new year off right. We're building our business plans over the next couple weeks and will be using the resorces you provided in today's webinar to take our business to the next level. I'm thankful for all you do for the business and sharing your experience's is invaluable.

  9. AMERGIS says:

    Good Info. We'll see you in Tampa!

  10. Mariann says:

    I have found Mike Citron to be knowledge, up on his current laws and knows exactly the information to target inorder to help us be more accurate in our disputing of information on the credit reports. His information that is given every week, although very lengthy is excellent.


  11. Mike, you are the credit repair gift that keeps on giving. I would love to know where you find the time to come up with some many great ones. Thanks for all the great value!

  12. Chad Kusner says:

    Good Stuff Mike, It's great to have a source for information and the software is essential to my organization. It is good to have an advocate for our industry.

  13. Zissy says:

    Great call as always, lots of great information.

  14. cameron says:

    Mike, this info is really helpful and I thank God that I found dispute suite. I'm new in this industry but i really feel confident because of your info that you share with us. Thanks!

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