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Must We Inform Clients on the Reasons for Disputes?

V Tips MikeCan we get in trouble for not having the client informed as to what the reason being why we are disputing an individual account?

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  1. Mike
    Last weeks information was great. It will help a lot of companies not just the new ones stating up. Some of us that have been in the business for over 20 years can always learn from your site and the webinars.

    Donna Perkins
    Kansas City Credit Services, Inc
    Office: 816-421-8001

  2. garr says:

    Great stuff Mike. As a christian company we appreciate your ethics and standards. credit repair can be done honestly and ethically and you prove that time and time again.

    Your the man,

    Garr Russell
    Garranteed Solutions

  3. Erik says:


    Thanks for another round of education through your webinar. I/we appreciate the subtle reminders for getting the job done right.

    See you in Tampa.

  4. Mike,
    I have finally started to get clients. A lot of them! I am so glad I stuck to it and I attended the webinars and bought your software. It helped me stay motivated and now it's definitely paying off!

  5. PhillyGTA says:

    Hey, Mike:

    Today was an informative webinar; however, I think it can be more productive. Most of the business operation questions & answers should already be known by attendees who are in the credit repair business. If not, they shouldn't be practicing until they know those answers. Answers can be found through the net, associates, READING THE LAWS, etc. This is a business, and anyone who enters it blindly is hurting everyone as a whole. I mean, for someone to ask a question how an FTC complaint can help repair a client's credit report, blew me away! I think MANY of the attendees need to go back to Business 101 and READ CROA and/or their appropriate State laws. I could go on, but I don't want to come across as an a**hole. I just want to better this VALUABLE industry.

  6. Dino says:

    It is so refreshing to see so many companies pursuing the rights of consumers and the desire to do things the right way. I had previously thought that there was not many out there. Through your leadership and examples, it has obviously made a tremendous positive effect throughout the industry as a whole.

    Your lead by example, "Pay it Forward" method is truly fundamental and it is my honor to be associated with you.

    Sincerest Regards,

  7. Tyrone Jordan says:

    Mike, thank you so much for what you do. Until your website I started to question the credit repair service because not many at all know what this service to the client is really about nor do they know what they were doing. A breath of fresh air. Thanks to all your staff who help you help us to help them. Oh, by the way I hear you answered my question during the webinar today. Sorry I missed it but I will look around this web site to see where I can review it. Thanks

  8. Daren Varner says:

    I am looking forward to the boot camp as I have many questions that Mr. Citron is unwilling to answer during the webinar. I have enjoyed and have benefited from the material that he has been able to elaborate on. The webinars are well worth everything I pay for them. My time.

  9. Mike:

    Has one great program here for everyone. It is a must in our business

  10. Chuck Felton says:

    Hey Mike,

    There sure seem to be a lot of potential "pitfalls" in this business. Thanks to you for all your good info to help us avoid them!

    By the way, I would really like to get the Congressional report. Thanks!


  11. Mike P says:

    Another great webinar yesterday… With my clients I have them sign something saying why we are disputing these items… This way if it ever came down to it we are covered. Some clients just put down that they don't recall the item as its being listed… This option opens it up to go after.

  12. MJ Platon says:

    Great delivery on the most recent webinar topics as always. It is a best-practice that clients get to sign a document charting what and why we are disputing specific items and this process ensures participation and enables the client to be engaged with us and in the attack/tactic of dispute/s.

  13. Steve says:

    This is a great little video. It restates the obvious, but really, it's necessary to let folks know that they are violating CROA when they make stuff up. There were a LOT of newbies at the April 2010 BootCamp, and while many of them were listening to content, many seemed only interested in marketing. So even if they use reliable third parties to do the processing, that first interview with the client is VERY important, and an opportunity to collect valuable information that should not be wasted.

  14. I just wanted to express to Mike was a great staff he has. My husband and I attended the bootcamp a week before last and we were really impressed on the staff. Everyone, especially George was answering simple questions to each and everyone as if this was the first time ever being asked. I know that alot of times soo many questions can be reduntant, but his professionalism and the professionalism of the rest of the staff was very impressive. Not to mention, everyone's willingness to help. Kuddos to you for having a great team! We look forward to learning more at the next book camp. We learned so much, I felt like my brain was going into overload.
    Lynda Luebano
    Conroe, TX

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