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How Do You Handle Disputes with Junk Debt Buyers?

V Tips MikeWhen the original creditor sells off a charged off credit card debt to a Junk Debt Buyer, does the original creditor keep updating the account via E-Oscar each month, even though they do not own it anymore? Since they don’t own it any more, how can they verify it with the bureaus when it is disputed after they sold & transferred the account?

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  1. Jeff Devoll says:

    Great Webinar once again Mike. I appreciate you not holding back on each and every question. You always have a lot of good content. As always, can't wait till the info packed Bootcamp, looking forward to meeting all of you guys out in Florida. Cheers.

    Jeff D.

  2. Hello Mike As usual i once again enjoyed the information you imparted to us. I truly look forward to boot camp. There is one thing i'm not sure of and that is what rapid re-score is and how would that be beneficial to our clients. Looking forward to meeting you and absorbing the tons of information we will receive at camp. Hugs and Kisses (MOM

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