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What to Do When CRAs Ignore Your Letters?

GetAttachment[1]I sent DVL to this collection company I sent 3 letters in the last 4 months. The last letter I sent was the angry consumer. They haven’t responded to any of the letters. Experian keeps verifying the account, what should I do? How do I get this removed, can I call the collection company on behalf of my client?

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  1. This is good advice. I have aligned myself with a local attorney that understands the FDCPA. I would suggest to anyone as you did that at this point it becomes a legal issue and suing in small claims court or having the client seek out an attorney is the best option in this situation,

  2. Jeremy Kean says:

    Good webinar today, I was happy to see a few q's that I had were in there tonight. Someone please have george or mike call me about the software, it is acting up on me!!!! Good stuff

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