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To Lawyer or Not To Lawyer?

GetAttachment[1]Must an attorney be involved in the dispute process?

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  1. Jesse R. says:


    I really appreciate your information. Your philosophy of give, give, give is one that has already been beneficial to my company… Not only that, but your ethics have motivated me to come to Credit Boot Camp in April. I am excited, I have faith in your teachings, and I appreciate you and DisputeDuite.
    Ps. Thank you George for the follow up, I really appreciate your customer service!
    Jesse R.
    Cobalt Credit Services

  2. Tyrone Jordan says:

    I truly, truly appreciate your service and information even though I missed enrolling in your $45 per month online service by a couple days. You help me know that I am on the right track as far as what I am doing and I have been doing personal credit repair for about 7 years. Until I located your web site and tried to enroll in your software I met nobody who really knew what they were talking about regarding credit repair. I don't know it all and still a student but for me it's just about the client and helping them understand how to fix a problem (regarding credit) that they are in. Once again, thank you.

  3. Thomas says:

    As an attorney, this is an issue where I wonder if direct involvement of attorneys may increase as regulatory agencies clamp down on CR activity. Great webinar today. Enjoyed the congressional update from Doc. WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE RECEIVING THE EXPOSE. Seems like an invaluable resource. Many thanks.

  4. Gene says:

    Another great webinar… I enjoyed Mike's introduction/explanation of how the only way we can guarantee is to not guarantee but turn it around to our benefit… Then, Jordan Belfort's information about The Straight Line. I always enjoy the question and answer section too most of them are great questions. Thanks Gene

  5. Julia says:

    Always great topics and a lot of useful info!!! THANK YOU!

  6. MJC says:

    Great point on what you said in the video. The same idea is said by law that an individual has the right to dispute on their own.
    Thank you for the input today in the webinar especially on the sales aspect. And discussions on future pacing were great. It's awesome Jordan Belfort joined the webinar and shared his pivotal knowledge.
    I can't thank you enough for the webinar that you conduct each week Mike.

  7. I find letting my clients know that I have one in retainer incase we need to take that far they could use his services at a discounted price settles there concerns.

  8. I found your site via google thanks for the post. I will save it for future reference. Thanks

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