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How Do You Dispute an Old Account Without Affecting the Score?

Video Tips MikeIs there a way that we can dispute an old account without the account being re-verified, and updated and having it affect our client’s score?

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  1. Steve says:

    This is typical of the EXCELLENT service you provide, Michael, to folks. Yes, this was clearly a question from someone new to the biz–not understanding that a dispute is not going to affect the DLA. But you took the time to answer the question, AND to post it here on the web for other similarly situated folks to listen to it an learn.
    You help make KNOWLEDGE the powerful tool that it needs to be.
    WAY TO GO! Defintiely a class act!

  2. Chuck Felton says:


    Thanks for all your good info – this helps to clarify the "re-aging" issue that has been on my mind.

    I would love to see the Jordan Belfort videos. I think these would be a great help in my sales training!


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