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Bankruptcy Discharge or Sold Foreclosure – When is it Too Soon to Help?

GetAttachment[1]When is it too soon to begin helping someone that has just been discharged from bankruptcy or has had property sold by foreclosure?

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  1. Daren Varner says:

    Webinar goodies please. Computer was down but Mike L was nice enough to give me a phone number to call in. As usual the webinar lived up to it's expectations. I enjoyed Doc from Texas as he is from my wife's home town and talked about something that interests me greatly and that is teaching credit repair as continuing education to real estate brokers. Also, I found Mike C to be at the top of his game as usual as he ran down the 8 types of credit reporting scores. I found this to be highly interesting and usual information. I am looking forward to the boot camp with great anticipation.

  2. Priscilla says:

    Another great webinar yesterday! I always learn something new. BUT – here is where I need some help. There are so many laws that deal with the consumer and credit. It would be helpful to have a webinar regarding: ECOA, CROA, FCRA, FDCPA, ETC. Which acts specifically do what and mean what. Just an idea.
    Thanks again for all you are doing for our industry.

  3. audreyz says:

    We really appreciate all of the help and support that we've gotten from Dispute Suite! It has really helped us build our business and get AWESOME results for our clients, which is really what matters most. The support staff has been extremely helpful whenever we needed assistance with technical issues, or insight with repair tactics. Thank you all so much Mike and we look forward to seeing you in April.

  4. Stephen Leifer says:


    Last webinar (3/10) was terrific as usual. Great info on scoring models . Always good to hear from those who are doing this work successfully and in compliance as well. Keept up the good work.

    Steve Leifer

  5. Steve says:

    This is as good a place as any to express my gratitude and appreciation for the 3/10 webinar: Michael C: you were AWESOME! I almost wanted to say "slow down, you're giving us too much!" as my fingers were cramping from typing notes so fast! The information on the various types of reports the bureaus run to slice and dice consumers into $ in the bureaus' pockets is amazing.
    And I really like the idea of running educational seminars for lawyers, and the public. We already run them for the local brokers, and are getting lots of thanks (and referrals) from them. There is such a NEED for this information to get out, and THANK YOU MICHAEL CITRON AND DISPUTE SUITE for making it happen. You are greatly appreciated.

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