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What to Do About Transferred Loans Which Keep Showing Up?

GetAttachment[1]I keep seeing mortgages where the loan was transferred and is listed in the negative area. How is this legal if they no longer own the debt?

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  1. James Rivera says:

    Mike, the free webinars have been priceless! The information offered has not only been insightful, but knowledgeable beyond anything I've found anywhere!!! I look forward to each week's webinar, as each session continually opens my eyes to new information. I can't wait to read your Expose about the Bureaus and Belfort's video, as I have no doubt this information will help my business leapfrog forward!

    Thank you for being an open resource to us all!!

    • James Rivera says:

      Sorry, in my posting I forgot to actually make a formal request for a copy of the Expose to read, as well as a copy of Jordan Belfort's video!!

      Thanks again!!

  2. Hey Mike! I can't believe Jordan was willing to jump in and give the kind of information he gave … this is like unreal! Mike I'm still on the call with you but had to jump on here and send you this message because your webinars are getting better and better each week … I mean, where do you get all these great resources from, lol – and the relationships you've built with so many wonderful people is just amazing! All I can say is that I'm just so lucky to be able to call you my friend, lol, especially since if I have a question or need, I know I can call on you. BTW, I'm definitely on the right track with my sales/closing strategies but there's always room for tweaking so I'll be implementing more of Jordan's teachings as well. Oh and I CAN'T WAIT to get that video … AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! LOL! See you soon Mike! (Now let me finish listening to you on the webinar with my full attention, lol)

  3. Michelle Deeb says:

    I attended the very first Boot Camp in June of 2009 as a true "newbie". I have since spent the better part of nearly the last year IMMERSING myself and educating myself on everything credit. From books to blogs, I have just about devoured it all. That said, the quality of information I receive on a weekly basis via the webinar in addition to the network of professionals I have access to via the forum and Boot Camp events is head and shoulders above any other resources I have tapped into. I am proud to have "stumbled on" such a reliable, professional organization right from the beginning. You've taught me from day one how to do things the "right way" and I have used every bit of information to grow a stronger more productive company. Thanks Mike!

  4. Cheryl d says:

    Hi Mike: As always an impressive webinar! Your guest speaker Jordan gave priceless information and I'm so excited to be getting his 1/2 hr video on sales. Just to let you know I 'signed' up with OxPublishing. I'm set to take his training next Tuesday and look forward to adding this resource as a value added piece for my clients. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Thanks for being there!

  5. Rafael Arce says:

    Mike, Dispute Suite Software has helped me delegate my business and saved me hundreds of hours in update phone calls to clients by using the Portal, my credit clients can actually SEE the repaired items we have worked on. If you use Dispute Suite Software, Study the Credit biz in a box, Plug in to all the weekly webinars is my personal FORMULA for credit repair business success! – Thanks Mike

  6. Kim says:

    Mike you always ask for post of substance. Today I wanted to give a post of SUCCESS. We are always taking your guidance and putting it into action within a week's time because the things you speak about impact one or more of our clients. We had a client whose creditors were still reporting history although they had "Transferred" the loans. We disputed that portion only and have since educated our client on why we specifically are targeting that area only of the account because it is inaccurate. He has referred several others who he knows has the same problem and they have made appointments to come in.

  7. Jeff Devoll says:

    Great webinar once again Mike. I am so excited to visit Tampa I can't hardly stand it. I plan on soaking up every bit of information I can like a monster sponge! Gonna go about 4 days early and see the town. I plan to use this learning experience to make tons of money on my RE flips this year and in the future, since understanding credit & financing is the key that unlocks the money vault in my business. Cheers.

    Jeff D.

    Jeff D.

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