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What Are the Best Sources for Getting All 3 Credit Reports?

GetAttachment[1]I tried as you suggested but I see only the Equifax credit report which may not have some accounts that are listed on the other 2 bureaus (this is actually the case in the first test I ran with a customer). Please advise.

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  1. garr says:

    Great Advise Mike. I am going to start making all employees spending one hour on your site a week. The wisdom and in site you provide is great and vital for any credit repair company to succeed.

  2. Cheryl d says:

    Mike as usual your webinar is great with so much info to grow our business and keep it out of hot water! I look forward to reading the 2 exposes you are providing for us. Mike L and George also give wonderful customer support. Thanks Cheryl

  3. Packard says:

    Mike, thanks again for this weeks webinar. I've just created a special "bookmark folder" for all the informative sites you refer to, really i'm so pleased with the amount of information i get from the webinars and the different sites you mention. It's really unfair how the consumer is shafted in the credit game, thanks for being an advocate.

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