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How Do You Deal with CRA Delaying Tactics, such as Verifying the Address?

GetAttachment[1]One of the most common delaying tactics by the CRAs is to delay the process by asking for Verification of Address, which of course buys them more time. I have consulted other Credit Dispute companies on this and they say to handle it as a non-response. I have the consumer write the CRA: “That I asked you to verify my debt, not my address.” I don’t really think it matters all that much, since we are trying to build a case against the CRA anyway through a 3-letter process, so what the CRA says in the first round or two becomes largely irrelevant, as long as CONSUMER KEEPS COPIES OF ALL THEIR DISPUTES, and keeps a written record. What is your take on this attempt to ignore, delay and confuse the consumer?

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  1. Lynda says:

    I've been attending your webinars since Oct and I've learned so much about the credit repair world. Every week, I look forward to what I'm going to learn at the next webinar. I'm so eager about kicking off my business in Texas. Thanks for all the great knowledge you have shared.

  2. Jeremy Kean says:

    Great Post Mike. I ran into this today for the second time. These bug three are real terds to deal with huh.

  3. Jesse says:

    Thanks for all the great info Mike!
    Your webinar was awesome

  4. Jeff Devoll says:

    Great stuff as usual Mike. I love these webinars each week. We've all got to stick together in this business, it keeps us strong and on the cutting edge. Believe me when I say that I'm just as passionate about battling these CRAs as you are! I've battled them personally in Federal Court several times working on my own credit and they always claim that their main concern is "accurate and concise" information at all times…..(yeah right)…..bullsh** I don't have any sympathy for them brother! All iv'e got to say is knowledge is power when it comes to credit repair. Their whole business model is just like the insurance industry, "the majority will fall by the wayside and give up the fight…thereby ensuring profits, while a small percentage will push back and not captiulate." The second group are the ones who get results! Cheers and see you in Tampa.

    Jeff D.

  5. Steve says:

    I really appreciate your generosity and cooperative outlook to everyone in this industry. I agree: if the bureaus followed the law, our services wouldn't be needed! I get so pi#@ed off when the bureaus seed address verification, AND at the same time they send a copy of the correct address in their correspondence! Drives me crazy (short trip).
    We need new legislation to sock it to them.

  6. Jesse Rodriguez says:

    I really appreciate your Webinars! I am going to sign up for the Credit Repair Bootcamp right now!

  7. SANDOR OCHOA says:

    Incredible presentation today!
    Your program was great.

    Sándor Ochoa
    Miami, Florida

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