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Can you Bypass the Credit Bureaus During the Credit Repair Process?

GetAttachment[1]When a client has a late payment on his credit card, mortgage, or car loan, could you call the original creditor to correct the late payment reporting without going through the credit bureaus? If so, what are the steps to clearing a late payment on a credit report on behalf of your client with the original creditor?

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  1. Jeremy Kean says:

    Loving the video blog Mike. That is my next step too!!!

  2. Cheryl d says:

    Mike, it was great having Todd and Chuck give us their perspective. I've always had suspicions about the BBB. Will we be able to get that form to update the credit bureaus? Is the form you are referring to also known as "rapid rescore"? thanks for all you do. Cheryl

  3. Kim says:


    I have utilized the Goodwill Adjustment method and in the past and have seen original companies update the late payment history so I can attest that this method really works. I also wanted to know if its still possible to get the ACDB form. Please advise.

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