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Alternatives to Paying for a Delete Letter

GetAttachment[1]As an alternative to a pay for delete letter, which seems to be getting harder to obtain these days, would it be viable to get them to sign some sort of “non-disclosure” statement/clause or something creatively worded, so that the net result would guarantee them not responding to your dispute with the CRA… netting a deletion?

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  1. Jeremy Kean says:

    All in the presentation is so so true. Wow, thanks for the twist

  2. Steve says:

    WHAT A GREAT idea. I don't know if they'll agree to a release if they wouldn't agree to the deletion letter, but if they do: GREEAT! It can't hurt to ask!
    I do settlement agreements all the time as part of my law practice. Here's another important KEY provision: ADD AN ATTORNEY'S FEE CLAUSE PROVISION! What that means is that if they report it, you call up and say they have violated the agreement, AND that you are hiring your attorney at $500/hour, and she IS going to win the case AND they are going to have to pay thousands of dollars of legal fees! OR: they can give you the deletion letter NOW!

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