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Secured Card or Line of Credit?

GetAttachment[1]What is the difference in score boost when getting a secured card for a client vs. this $5K-$10K line of credit that you recommend? Have you tested this? I am in the RE field and new tradeline points are always at a PREMIUM in order to get to that magical FHA 620 mid-score nowadays.

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  1. Lucinda says:

    …just when you think Mike has given his all …. he always seems to find more valuable information to give to those in the industry. I'll tell you the truth, it just keep getting better & better. You can truly see that Mike doesn't want anyone to fail, but wants all to have success in helping people restore their credit. And with the wisdom and insight he gives – You just cant fail! Thanks Mike

  2. J Council says:

    Mike, the webinar on yesterday was just awesome. I learned so much and look forward to the next training/information webinar sessions. Thank you for your generosity. Please send the Expose and Script for Video.

  3. Yesterday's webinar was an excellent example on how far we as an industry have come and how much more we need to do do get our business into the light. NASCO is one of the more positive changes to help move our business forward.
    Thanks and i look forward to reading the Expose and Script for Video.

  4. Jeremy Kean says:

    I have been in business for 13 years, and I have never seen this "give to get" work so well. After a month and a half of webinars and free trial on the software. I am now a full software user with the portals, bizbox owner, and heading to Tampa with the hotels booked……and was never asked to buy a thing. I am a believer now, and am sharing knowlegde with everyone in town. Thanks for the new wisdom Mike

  5. Jim Hogle says:

    Good tip I get this question all the time. Also OX only reports to 2 bureaus, Secured Card we offered reports to all 3 bureaus. Webinars are full of good stuff! Thanks for all you do.

  6. Steve says:

    Mike: you come through again and again! What a guy! You made this so simple and obvious, but I never really thought about it the way you put it! What a no-brainer! Get the line of credit!
    AND get Disputesuite!
    Thank you for your energy, your generosity, and your darn great advice!

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