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ID # for CRAs? Should you always send ID docs when disputing with the credit bureaus for your clients?

GetAttachment[1]Is it not necessary to have an ID# for each CRA in order to do a dispute? Are those not available only through requesting directly through each one?

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  1. Cheryl d says:

    Does the ID # for the CRAs helpful if you have a client that has 2 or 3 TU or EQU files? One client for instance has 2 TU reports, one showing "you've been in our files since 3/1988" and the other says "since 10/2008. With Equifax it seems to be different "track files" based on how CRAs spell their name or what they list my client's DOB.
    By the way, last webinar on Compliance was great! I see that I need to immediately change my contract re: how many times you must state that they (potential client) can cancel in 3 days. Great info as usual. Cheryl

  2. David Clifton says:

    Hi Guys:

    I thought the webinar yesterday was very insightful. Took 3 pages of notes. I remember watching Boiler Room and was really impressed to get to meet the man behing that film on your call…thanks so much for all you do..david clifton

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