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What is the BEST way to Pull a Client’s Credit Report?

GetAttachment[1]How do you pull credit reports if the client does not already have a report?

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  1. philip brody says:

    Great conference call yesterday I’m involved in the credit repair business for a long time and the best thing that happened to me is that I discovered mike the software is great it automates the whole process and keeping tab of what’s going on, the support and free resource that are constantly being provided is unbelievable, if you don’t attend the free calls you don’t know what our missing

  2. Stephen Henson says:

    Mike-I was working on marketing yesterday morning, thinking through my strategy. Sure enough, the webinar enlightened me and filled the remaining missing pieces to my strategy. I feel I am working "smarter", now and should yield better results. BTW, I had not thought of the signature templates for Outlook. Again, thanks for ideas.

  3. yvette iturrino says:

    Is there any feature in your software/site that would allow you to be setup with a credit bureau and pull credit directly and import to your software for clients/

  4. Tanesa Ayers says:

    I offer DebtWatchers to my clients and it allows me to monitor there credit score and also provides them with ID theft insurance if you are interested in signing your clients up email me at If you need to apply for a consolodation loan for your clients I can help you with that as well.

    Tanesa Ayers,
    Mediation Paralegal Services

  5. Joe Frey says:

    Great webinar today! We are setting up a new credit repair company and the info today was very important to hear and understand. I am very excited to get started on the right foot and you have made that possible. I am looking forward to the boot camp and learning the right way to do things.

  6. Thanks again Mike for all your efforts working hard to clean up the credit repair industry. We are following your lead here in the Houston area.

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