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Prospecting for Affiliates

GetAttachment[1] I know you mentioned the best way to get affiliates is to speak to large groups, but how can you speak to mortgage bankers & real estate agents in large groups? Are there associations or societies for them?

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  1. Steve Griffin says:

    Mike I was on the webinar today(2/10) and it was phenomenal. I am just in the process of putting together my credit cleaning company and the information that you are giving away for free I would gladly pay for. I will be at the credit bootcamp and also intend on bringing my wife because I want her to also understand the business even though she has her own small business in another industry. The emphasis on providing an abundance of value will be invaluable in any industry. Everytime I sit in on one of your webinars I've reinvigorated and excited about my own future in this industry. Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Beth says:

    Mike, I enjoyed today's (2/17) webinar. I didn't mind that you didn't show how to navigate thru PACER – I have an I/T Developer's background so I will show myself. It was far more valuable to me that you discussed strategies for using the information for marketing to (potential) clients that I can get from the system. Also, found it valuable to hear about sites vor outsourcing so I could develope and use the information intelligently.
    Also, enjoyed listening to Ron – I am going to check out his website and see how much I can learn from that so I can propel my business forward.
    thanks again for another terrific webinar!

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