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ID Please! Is it Necessary to Confirm the Client’s Identity?

GetAttachment[1]How important is it to get client’s identification (such as drivers license, social security card or a piece of mail) to confirm identity when mailing letters to bureaus? Do you need all, or one over another?

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  1. ned says:

    Mike I enjoyed the webinar about Pacer. It is information I am using. I signed up for a Pacer account while listening to you guys.

  2. Tod says:

    Mike, Thank you for this week’s DisputeSuite Webinar! the continuing specialized education has really helped me get started in this business. DisputeSuite online software keeps me in organized and compliant with a very low monthly fee- Awesome value!

    Ron was very energizing. I really enjoyed learning about the different types a online marketing as a process not the event.

  3. jeremy kean says:

    i am becoming addicted to the wednesday seminar. the content today was awesome, and i was even more impressed with myself, because 3 weeks ago before hearing anything about pacer i had wrote out a marketing plan using pacer for bk leads. i was no where close to a great idea with the customer cultivating marketing strategy you and ron spoke about. i would love a little more info on the how to with the landing page etc…..see u in tampa

  4. Renee Crenshaw says:

    Thank you for today's webinar. I totally agree with you and Ron that exercution is very important to being successful. I was inspired by the tools and techniques that were shared regarding how to find customer and then build and cultivate the relationship.

  5. Priscilla says:

    Mike, Thanks for another great webinar. With each webinar, I pick up one or two other items that I did not know about. Thanks for the info on pacer.

  6. Lou Baez says:

    Hello Mike

    Great job!!! Thanks for the time you take out of you day for another great webinar. I have learned so much today from Ron and yourself on the different ways to create a niche for myself. I am looking forward for "Expose" and the videos.


  7. Julia says:

    Thank you for the webinar! I am new here and I can tell that I'll have a lot to discover 🙂
    Great topics, cool people and the shearing is amazing! Looking forward for the next webinar! Thanks!

  8. Robert M Brown says:

    Expose and Videos
    You gave many good suggestions regarding web sites. There was also a very nice amount of information regarding several other topics. My personal belief is that you could have put into one to one and a half hours what you took two hours to do. I believe this happened because of all the time your guest and you spent trying to convince your participants of the importance of persistence, hard work, etc. I understand how important these things are, but if people don't have it in them, then everyone is wasting their time. I found myself drifting off to do or think about other things.

    Basically, your presentation was quite good.


  9. Mike
    This is Donna Perkins, President of Kansas City Credit Services and today was wonderful. I must say that you have given us all a new way at looking at our business models. You have won my respect. Yes, from the person who was very hard to get on board. Looking forward to seeing you at the Boot Camp and learning and sharing all we can there together. You really are changing peoples lives and keeping everyone up to date with our industry.
    Thank You!
    Donna Perkins

  10. Steve Meyers says:

    This is absolutely correct. I am an attorney, and even in situations where I send off a letter to a creditor or a bank, I sometimes get back a "pound sand" letter saying we need a written authorization from you to represent this client. Driver's license and a utility bill are always great to have on file.

  11. Sandra says:

    This will only take just a few moments of your time. If you continue to read this, then maybe you have a moment so, I will go ahead and get right to my comment. My comment is regarding a webinar that I listened to today with Michael Citron on and a guest (Ron), the webinar was so interesting that I stayed on the webinar until the end!
    If you haven't been on one of the webinars then sign up for it. The webinars that I have viewed and listened to Michael cover different topics has been of value and good content that one could use in a business. By the way, Michael when you read this or your staff, Yes I am interested in receiving the EXpose' that you have written. Thanks in advance and take care everyone!

  12. phillygta says:

    Great webinar today! If you've been in the credit repair industy or any business for a while, the information is pretty basic — but GREAT FOR MOTIVATION! I'm looking forward to your "expose", too!!

  13. Jorge Regalado says:

    Thanks Mike, Loved your webinar, I am on fire to get going with my biz. I especially enjoyed the way to get fre or almost frree leads from public info, etc. Your guest was very informative as well. Is the webinar recorded somewhere so I can view it again. I had a few interrutions and wish to listen again to all that great info.


  14. Chuck Felton says:

    Hey Mike! I really enjoyed your call – lots of great information. I'm learning so much new stuff all the time.

    Would you please send me the 2 bonuses you mentioned today?



  15. Patrick says:

    Aloha Mike,

    I love to listen in on your webinars even through I am not doing credit repair at this time but I always like to learn, mahalo for all your information.


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