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Better Score with Ox Publishing Account?

GetAttachment[1]Is the score impacted positively more if a consumer opens an Ox Publishing account PLUS getting added as an authorized user to a credit card in good standing of a “legitimate” relative/friend, or is it better for only one of the two? If only one, which?

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  1. satin says:

    JAIN Credit's Testimony:

    The Credit Repair Bootcamp made all the difference in the world to the current success of my business. Before the bootcamp, I was cycling through employees and wearing way too many hats. I had credit repair skills but lacked the big business skills. At the bootcamp, I learned the necessary business and marketing methods and techniques to run a successful business and applied them. Now I have an amazing staff, new sales team, a professional and effective website, new systems, an amazing affiliates program and the phones are ringing off the hook which means a lot more money in the bank! We've grown so fast, I'm in the middle of a new hire campaign for more employees right now. People are asking me if they can work for me. It's a great feeling. Thanks Mike Citron and the Dispute Suite Staff! I can't wait for the next bootcamp!

    Satin Crable

  2. Steve Meyers says:


    This was great. I am realizing that a major part of my business has to be assisting people to increase their score not just by removing derogatory items, but also by adding positive items like this. I have a client for whom I removed something like 24 derogatory items, and just have 2 foreclosures and 2 student loans left. AND I can remove the student loans due to an obvious error, but if I do, she'll either have a lower score or NO SCORE! So, coaching clients on the use of "authorized user" or OX or other similar things is a fabulous thing to do for clients.

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