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Authorized Users, Piggybacks? Dead?

GetAttachment[1]Here’s a topic of interest: AU/Authorized Users, Piggybacks and such. Rumor has it they are dead due to Fair Isaac’s new formula not taking these into consideration anymore. However, Fair Isaac mentioned somewhere (can’t remember where) that Authorized Users is a way to increase one’s score (straight from the CEO’s mouth), keep in mind this was after their release in ’08. Can we go over on how exactly this is accomplished? Is it as simple as adding a user, or does the new user have to go through a credit screening process? i.e., credit pull, qualify, etc…? Hope this topic shows up! Thanks!

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  1. MJC says:

    The weekly webinars are amazingly informative. Feb10,2010 'twas the 2nd webinar that I was able to join. To add to that, there is not much groups or individuals out there who are pushing proper ethical approaches in handling the credit repair for customers. I think that what you are doing and what you are gearing us up on is not bold since you are doing the right thing and we in turn would end up doing the right thing. Thanks Mike for pointing us to the right direction and empowering us, for the lack of a better word.

  2. Stephen Leifer says:


    The information contained in the webinar series is just great. For the beginner, a way to avoid years of trial and error. For the industry veterans, an opportunity to learn a few new strategies to use as well as toget up to snuff on why what one has been doing, works or not.

    Keep up the great working you are doing for the industry.


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