credit repair software - free 30 day trail

Finally a reliable and honest Merchant account provider for Credit Repair Companies

Here is their “Mini” application… I will be adding a short video explaining the process soon.. keep an eye out for it!

Your Name:
Company Name:
Email Address:
Business Phone:
Business Address:

Business City:

Business State:

Business Zipcode:

What is your web address:

Estimated monthly processing volume:

Estimated average ticket:

Products/Services Being Sold:

Your Friend in the credit biz,

Mike Citron

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  1. Debbie Marenbach says:

    Hi Everyone
    Yesterday’s webinar was very intersting. Mike, I wish you would re-do the webinar again. So much good information. I really did not get to write everything down. Please let me know if you there’s any way I could listen to it again.
    Thanks, Love your webinars.

  2. Phil Printz says:

    Hi Mike,

    Tuned into your Webnair today and was very impressed with your level of ethics and knowledge.

    Keep up you important work!


  3. @ctrisner says:

    Today's webinar was absolutely inspiring! Thank you again for providing the very best to us on a regular basis.

  4. Pat Glenn says:

    Great webinar today Mike. I am looking forward to getting the great stuff you guys discussed today.. Pay it forward..

  5. Adam Yager says:

    Hi Mike,
    Great content in the webinar this week. Found it to be very inspiriing. Please send me the "gifts" you mentioned to

  6. Stephen Bacci says:

    Mike, Roger made some great points that can help build a great year. I look forward to getting the N. Hill download link. Thanks! Also, can you send me the give aways from last week’s call as well? Thank you.

  7. Don Carter says:

    I truly enjoyed the webinars that I have been able to listen to. To help solidify the foundation of my up and coming business.thanks

  8. Juan Guerrero says:

    Hearing your voice and motivation every Weds keeps me going. Thank you.

  9. Chris says:

    Thanks for teasing about the ACH software. As always good and informative webinars and Q&A's – keep them coming!

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