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Mike Citron, Credit Expert interviewed on CBS

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  1. keith jenkins says:

    Excellent points for the consumer. Most people assume that if the information is on the credit report, it belongs there!!!

  2. Reney DuBose says:

    This was an excellent demonstration of how we can improve the image of the credit repair industry. How did you get the local news station to do the interview? Did you have an opportunity to provide the information to the reporter to do the story? How can I get access/authorization to author "The art of the Short Sale" or another book?

    Thanks for all you do…

  3. mark says:

    Nice. I gotta get on tv. Mike L. can you send me the stuff from the call on wed?

  4. This was impressive! I agree with the other posters, the spot was a positive one for our industry. Good Looking Out!

  5. Steve says:

    Mike: that was so cool. what a great visual seeting you there. And a GREAT reminder that I need to get my rear in gear and start making local calls. There is SO much value to give to the public with all that is going on. The idea that came up today where the Colorado chap mentioned the harm that can befall folks who charge up too much on Black Friday is a valuable thing to remind consumers about. I dropped my own ball on this–thanks for the graphic reminder. AND for today's webinar.

  6. Rolando Castro says:

    Mike you are a genius and god bless you for what you are doing for us all in the credit restoration business. I am glad I came across to what you have to offer us all. Thank you very much Mike and I will see you and the whole Dispute Suite family at the next boot camp. Ahve a great day!!!!

  7. garr says:

    Great Job educating the general Public. I have learned so much from you and have been loving spreading the word!

    Thanks Garr Russell
    Garranteed Solutions

  8. James says:

    Mike Citron, the credit industry expert and author – Thank you! I really enjoyed Wednesday’s webinar titled “The SNIPER/NINJA Online Strategies.” The valuable information that you shared with us has led me to rethink my online presence and strategy. You have now given me the necessary tools, advice, and direction. I now feel more confident about what I’m doing with my online presence. Thank you Mike!

  9. Karina Coleman says:

    Your work in the Business in a Box is outstanding. I cannot believe how easy it was to start a Credit Repair business from scratch. I am so glad my husband and I bought your product when we did. It has it all from Corporate Documents to Marketing Materials and Credit Repair tactics. We have learned sooo much about credit, even with our years of experience as mortgage underwriters. ha! We cannot thank you enough for all the valuable information.

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