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How does a Symphony, a Taxi and Credit Repair Business fit in the same article?

Is everybody on the same page?

Keeping a team in order can be difficult…. I like to compare different life events that I have to business practices… I’m actually writing this now while Eric is driving me to my hotel… we just crossed the Williamsburg Bridge and now we’re aimed at the Long Island Expressway….

Here’s the correlation that just popped in my head….. We were driving in Manhattan (What a Great City)… The food, the culture.. The history….. bla bla bla

So, we were driving in Manhattan… many people will tell you that it’s difficult to drive in the city….. I learned to drive in the city when I was young- I lived in Manhattan for a bit, and lived in Brooklyn for most of my youth….

Driving in Manhattan is not like the movies show it… The movies portray it as a “battle”, people yelling and screaming and in general complete CHAOS…. That is NOT the case… It is actually ORGANIZED CHAOS…. The only people that get yelled at or the horn honked at is the ones that can’t keep up!!!

The cabbies (Yellow Cab Drivers) are all in sync, like some extraterrestrial spirit… It’s amazing that so many identical cars with identical goals/missions could operate in the same place EVERY DAY with little to no confrontation… The cabbie that gets cut off by another cabbie, simply shakes it off and moves on… There is no grudge – there is no harsh attitude beyond the couple of second increment that it took to keep control…

All of these vehicles are traveling quickly to their destinations then immediately starting on the next destination with no break…. They drop a person off- then another one gets in before the door has a chance to shut… almost perfect harmony… Orchestrated in a synchronized fashion similar to a well practiced symphony…

Now I know it’s tough to believe that NYC is easy to drive in but it is… You just have to know how to…. More importantly (I’m finally getting to my point)… You have to understand what everyone else is doing… and what their roles are….. YOU have to be able to anticipate their moves….

I live in Florida… I have to take a side note for a minute to tell you a quick description of what it is like to drive in Fl… Completely disorganized, chaotic and EXTREMELY dangerous….

I wish I had my camera handy to take a picture of what just got out of the drivers seat of a new Lincoln Town Car-

The fraile elderly man, must be nearing 100 years old… and can barely walk with a walker…


I feel horrible for this guy… he obviously has no family to take him anywhere – but I wouldn’t want him on the road AND HE IS…. I don’t have a camera near by or I would take a shot… but you can imagine what I’m talking about… … To say that he is moving slow with his walker is an understatement…. A friend who was with me in my office when I just noticed this guy was as stunned as I am…

 Well my friend said- (and he’s probably right)… His reflexes after 10 shots of Yagermeister are probably better than this guys…


The fact of him being right with his reflex statement brings up a good point…
Does it mean that it’s ok for my friend to be plastered driving because he’d be better than this guy? Or does it mean that this guy shouldn’t be driving….


No I’m not 10 shots deep now… I’m finally getting to my point…

A company must run like a choreographed performance….
Similarly to the cabbies… co-workers must be able to predict each others moves, and react accordingly…


Everyone must know their destination (work) and be able to quickly complete their task on schedule and move on to the next task without losing time in transition… Just like the cabbie does,…… as he drops one passenger and picks up another without closing the door….

Just like I mentioned- the only ones that get honked at or yelled at are the ones that aren’t in sync… A team must be able to quickly realize their weak link and put it back in place OR CUT IT OUT!!!

The old man in the picture has significance too….

Just because my friend feels that he’d have a faster reaction time than this guy if he was drunk…

That correlates too… Just because someone else is inefficient doesn’t mean that you can lower yourself to a level just above inefficiency and it would be ok because you’re beating the weakest link…

The weakest link might not be obvious…. But once it’s found it must be dealt with fast before the entire team suffers….
I bet you didn’t think I could make that make sense…. I hope it did… but remember I’m typing this while being driven in what most people call chaos…

Your friend in the credit biz,
Mike Citron

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  1. Tom Jeser says:

    This not only defines how bussinesses are operated but it is the way life is,
    ORGANIZED CHAOS or maybe we should say DISORGANIZED CHAOS. We as a society move at a fast pace and "honk" at anyone and everyone that is in front of us. We should stop and smell the roses or better yet we should stop and watch the roses bloom! Safe travels to you Mike

  2. Joseph De Marco says:

    Cool article Mike. I've been living in New York (born & raised in Queens but now live on Long island) my whole life & love it. I would love to get that seo kit. Thanks for everything.

  3. Caneeka Givens says:

    Hi Mike I attended your Webinar on 2-24-2010 and it was a terrific session. Sometimes just reading articles and listening to lectures can be tedious but your webinar was quite knowledgable, motivating and postive. I am trully inspired and respect your vision,

  4. Todays webinar was great and really enjoyed the guest speaker who is having the movie made about him…can you send us some information on how to get some of his products? Or the Tampa seminar? Thanks

  5. Janet says:

    Mike I believe you have been gifted to see the Big Picture, and even though the world may appear to be in chaos, yes in reality there is a rytham, and that smooth continuation of movement is the rytham that makes it organized chaos. Few enough people realize that by allowing those who do what they do best to 'flow'..
    Your vision and ability to see this big picture comes through in your teachings. Thanks for sharing.

  6. David Webster says:

    I think you are doing a fantastic job and yes, I am using your software and bought the Biz in a Box — worth it’s weight in gold. You guys are A plus, and you take the time to help make us successful…such a deal!!! Thanks again.

  7. Blair Warner says:

    This is a great post, Mike. I really appreciate how you look at business, and your willingness to share with others’ success in mind. Today’s, 6/16/10 webinar was great! I still can’t believe that after attending tons of your webinars, I still get new and relevant info. I appreciate that you are willing to give away a contract and the CROA slides — see, case in point.

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