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How often do you change your….

… Marketing? Unfortunately Marketing isn’t like one of those kitchen gadgets or late infomercials- You know the ones “Set-it and Forget it”…. Many people take that approach to prospecting and lead conversion but most of the time that DOES NOT WORK-

Marketing must constantly change. I was recently reminded of this on a business trip to San Diego. I had a great time, I was able to spend several days with some of the nations top marketing and sales minds… We had several closed door no invitation, no nonsense- just work – mastermind sessions…. It was very useful and the relationships made during those days will last a long time!

There was great information shared amongst these top minds but…. The lesson at hand was not learned in any of those sessions… As a matter of fact it was quite odd when I realized it…

I usually don’t get to enjoy these business trips- being away from my wife and son, makes it tough but- this time I decided to ask them if they wanted a quick weekend in California… The answer was obviously yes…. and they understood that, they would be on their own most of the time… however during some of the time that we did get to spend together- Is when this great realization of marketing came about…

We took a visit to the San Diego Zoo… One of the most extraordinary attractions in the country…  But enough about that-


The bottom line is – you have to adapt to your client base and your prospecting base… The same ad’s and types of ads that you did last year, or even last month might not be effective today…

Your message might be the same but the media might have to change… In the credit repair business you have to be especially concerned about your advertising dollars…. Keeping a budget and remaining in the budget are crucial to success… I always suggest highly targeted marketing rather than exposure marketing. I like to refer to it as “sniper” marketing instead of “shotgun”… In the Credit Repair Business a good example of sniper markeing is targeting individuals who have recently been denied credit for an auto loan, home, loan or credit card- whereas an example of shotgun would be to target all people in a certain neighborhood.

The neighborhood approach might be good if you’re a Pizza delivery or a lawn service but- if you’re a specialized business you need to have a targeted sniper approach… With the sniper you attack less people but you can spend more $ per person because you know that they need your service…. It is better to send 10 marketing pieces to the same client that you know needs your service than it would be to send 20 random pieces….

So, I’m sure your wondering what made me think of this at the San Diego Zoo????

What do you think of this use of advertising dollars???


WOW!!!  That could be your ad dollars being destroyed… I guess they figured since they don’t use it- find a use for it-Many people will have the same response… That’s right… A “Perfectly Good” advertising medium – (The yellow pages) is being used for filler in a cage!

Yellow pages used to be the premier advertising solution….. Think for a second- when was the last time you opened one? Does your target market open the yellow pages? Do they shop on the internet? Do they rent? How old are they?

Regardless of ad type- and I don’t mean to pick on the yellow pages, (they’ve made me a lot of money over the years).. My message is – Know your clients and constantly adapt your marketing around them… There is NO “One size fits all” and certainly no “Set it and forget it)…..

If you target via the internet, understand there is a whole world beyond pay per click… If you do direct mail, there are ways to get double digit response rates…

Study your market!

Good Luck,

Your friend in the credit business

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  1. Reney DuBose says:

    Hi Mike,

    I was on the webinar this week and I have to say I get something from each session. I now find myself looking forward to the next week’s webinar.

    I also appreciate what you are doing for the credit repair industry and the resources you provide in helpiing us to build successful businesses.

    P.S. I look forward to receiving the Continuing Education PowerPoint presentation, and Bio Template.

    Thanks again.


  2. Lewis says:

    Thanks for the marketing tips! Great ideas.


  3. Hey Mike
    The webinar was great on the affiliate seminar. Looking for the bio template and the powerpoint presentation and the book you just referred to. This is great info and look forward to launching this idea.
    Thanks as always.

  4. garr says:

    Thanks for the awesome tips and tools. I owe much of my succes to you and your wisdom

  5. Ozzy says:

    WOW, giving away the landing page templates and the do it yourself videos is awesome. Gift after gift after gift! Good things will come to you. God bless.

  6. Amin Shah says:

    I was on the webinar today (12/2/2009) and I learnt many new things about credit repair. This was a very valuable learning process to me and I shall continue to attend these webinars. The best thing about this webinar, apart from being FREE, is Mike's personality which is very open and giving, and also fun to listen to and learn from. I'm also considering coming to the bootcamp but have to gather my money first. Thanks.

  7. Robert Lefcort says:

    Your webinar yesterday, 12/2/09 was awesome. I especially appreciated your critique of one of your client's websites. I know that I took away a great deal of do's and dont's from your discussion and will be having my webmaster (my wife) make many of the suggested changes soon in order to improve the website and retain prospects' interest.

  8. Karina Coleman says:

    Thank you so much for the most recent webinar. It makes me excited about my business to learn more marketing techniques. I am open to trying anything that you guys recommend. It also helped me to hear that marketing is a not an event, but a process. I get impatient sometimes but I will keep trying to capture the Montana business!! Thanks again.

  9. Terry Woolard says:

    Hi Mike
    Today was the first webinar I have set in on. And I must say WOW it was great the information was great and your guess were just so great also. I look forward to getting the information you are going to send out. I will be on every webinar you host. Thank you so much.
    Terry Woolard

  10. Lawn Service says:

    My husband and I found your blog and found it to be quite informative. My husband and I appreciated the guide and I look forward to reading more from this blog again. How can I know when there is more posts that are published here on this website?

  11. Ozzy Favela says:

    I really liked the images of the other company's retail signs. I always have this constant feeling that by doing that , I was doing something wrong, although credit repair is legal. Its sad, to always have a feeling of sort off having to stay under the radar so to speak. Its the bad image the media portrays.

  12. Troy Hitt says:


    You are too kind! First, I do love the weekly webinar’s and continuing my education. Reviewing the grassroots, such as the website’s and contract’s, really give us a good visual. I am very interested to see the copy of your contract. I am also anxious to see the upgrades you are going to make on the DisputeSuite software. Nice interaction today with the listeners by raising their hands. Thanks for being the Icon our Industry needs.

    Thanks a MILLION!

    Troy, Houston “By God” Texas

  13. Pam Teer says:

    Mike you’re awesome! I listened today to your webinar. I learned an awful lot!! Thanks for all the free items you give us, especially the time you give when the webinar goes past your scheduled time.

  14. Michelle says:

    Watched the webinar and very informative. You didn’t talk about the BBB stuff, can you go over that some more.

  15. Mark says:

    I like your weekly webinars, I just watched the one where you talked about the 8 cred score secrets. Since surety bonds is such an important issue, can you please talk about this topic. Thanks, Mark C.

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