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Social Media- ” A Fad ” or a “Movement” ???

With the explosion of Social Media giants like Facebook and Twitter- many skeptics have raised the question of whether there is longevity to this change… My opinion is simple – the interactivity that social media, and Web 2.0 strategies has permitted permanently changed the way EVERYTHING is delivered….

Take  a peek at  recent webinar that I did on Social Media… Let me know what you think of it by leaving a comment in the comment section… If you think this is good- “TWEET” it   🙂

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  1. Blair Warner says:

    I really enjoyed listening to Julia, and look forward to next week. Especially more ways to monetize social media. This is great stuff! Thanks Mike

  2. Joseph De Marco says:

    Hey Mike, I want to thank you for the AWESOME webinar today. I've been wanting to do social media marketing but had no idea how to properly put it together & do it, but todays webinar gave me alot of direction. I also visited Julias website & I beleive I'll be using her company for more then just the book I purchased (that you put a phenomenal deal together for) to educate myself even more about social media marketing. Thanks again.

  3. william says:

    good one mike julia sounds like she knows her stuff on social metia

  4. Lonnie Stevenson says:

    I've listened to several webinars lately of people claiming to show me how to bridge the gap of being on social media sites, (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) but Julia's one hour presentation had the most meat of anyone. She's able to break it down so that if you aren't an expert yet, you understand the necessary steps to take to create a presence and how to use that presence to promote your business on social media sites. I look forward to next weeks call, part 2, and hopefully you can convince Julia to not stop there, but maybe even to have some more additional webinars for us.

  5. @AMERGIS says:

    Good Stuff. Thanks Mike.

  6. Hi Mike,
    I was on your webinar today SEO Insider secrets, and it was a good one, great information, I took copious notes. I'm also writing to get my copy of your SEO Kit you were mentioning on the webinar for checking out your site. My email address is below
    Thanks! keep up the good work-

  7. Carlos Matos says:

    Great Webinar cant wait to get my kit! Thanks Mike

  8. David says:

    Great webinar last Thursday on SEO! Its great to hear your information and get your tips and gifts you send out for attending (not that you need to since they are great on their own) we we sure appreciate it! Thanks again!

  9. Patti Smith says:

    Your knowledge is incredible. Thank you for sharing your insight with us. Our business is only getting better and better thanks to you. Keep it up.

  10. Rose Marie Cantanno says:

    Just wanted to let you know that as an attorney I am VERY impressed with the not only legal but moral emphasis that you use while espousing such important and needed information.

  11. Kim says:

    Wow. Mike each time I listen to you it opens up yet another avenue to help consumers. I would have been interested in social media if you would not have suggested it. Now I am much more open minded and plan to explore this opportunity. I'll definately keep listening and stay open-minded

  12. Gale Miner says:

    Great seminar this week as always.
    I haven't been getting the info you promised.
    Am I doing something incorrectly?

  13. Tod says:

    Mike thanks for today's webinar! The information is fresh and enjoyed seeing you on video but at times the video window blocked the text. I'd love more information on the Search Engine optimization. See you next week!

  14. Joseph De Marco says:

    Thanks for the awesome webinar on Wednesday Mike. I would really like if we could dedicate a webinar to red flag. I liked your shirt by the way & see you really like iced tea lol. I'm really going to give social media marketing a chance but I must admit I find myself asking the question if it's long term or just a fad.

  15. Terry McCart says:

    Mike, as alway, good content… makes it worth my time to listen in… thanks for leaving the bathroom door open in the background,,,,hope the vent was on. Microsoft will host websites for free and also offer plenty of templates.. also, on the templates you are offering.. u r using stock photos, didn't you just shoot those down in your website critiques.. goose..gander?

  16. Robert Lefcort says:

    Thanks Mike for this valuable info. This is an area which I definitely need to start doing in order to fuel my business.

  17. Tom Martin says:


    Another great webinar. I have learned so much in the 3 that I have listened to, I can't wait until this boot camp in april. I will see you soon on the social networks.

  18. Hi Mike. Good stuff on social media! I really need to capitalize on this area and I would llloooovvvveee to get my hands on your SEO kit! 😉 I was on the webinar training with Denis Kelly on Identity Theft. As always, excellent training and even more valuable information for up and coming newbies such as myself. A lot of notes were taken, but that is always the case with your webinars. I'm always up for providing the most latest credit education for my clients and would appreciate if you could send me the ID chart and presentation.

  19. Lou Baez says:

    Hello Mike.
    Thanks for you time and for an awesome webinar. I have learned so much in a short period of time. I like the fact that you’re knowledgeable and you keep it honest. I look forward to next weeks call.

  20. Daren Varner says:

    I’m not writing just to receive the free videos, because I’m a blind guy, ha! All kidding aside, I have listened to my share of webinars and I can smell a hard sell a mile away. After all, you know what they say about a blind persons smelling. I must admit, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop as they say, when I listened to you in the first webinar but you kept it real, no up selling or big ticket product at the end, just real usable and relevant information that can be used by any professional in the biz. I have yet to start my business, I am still in the learning stage, but listening to the webinars has given me the confidence to move forward. I am so looking forward to the Boot Camp. Maybe I’ll run into you, ha!

    Sincerely, Daren Varner “The Blind Broker”
    P.S. I do want those videos.
    P.P.S Technology is great, isn’t it.

  21. Daren Varner says:

    Im not writing just to receive the free videos, because Im a blind guy, ha! All kidding aside, I have listened to my share of webinars and I can smell a hard sell a mile away. After all, you know what they say about a blind persons smelling. I must admit, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop as they say, when I listened to you in the first webinar but you kept it real, no up selling or big ticket product at the end, just real usable and relevant information that can be used by any professional in the biz. I have yet to start my business, I am still in the learning stage, but listening to the webinars has given me the confidence to move forward. I am so looking forward to the Boot Camp. Maybe Ill run into you, ha!

  22. Ron says:


    I got on a bit late however the content is great. Mike I would also like the free info on the how to get my disputes in their hands so they will review it manually.

    As of a few days ago I am a new user of your credit repair software and am getting a handle on it. I am excited and I appreciate the quality of your service and products.

    I want to commend George Wisniewski he has really been great.

    Thanks Again
    Ron Beauchamp

  23. @eriksalmon says:

    I am very glad Mike does these webinars. I have been preparing to start a credit coaching business and one thing I did not realizes is that even though I am not doing the credit repair for my clients I am still considered a credit repair company. I want to make sure that I am compliant with all state and federal laws as well as help my clients with their credit issues and Mike’s webinars have been a valuable tool to setting up my business the right way. I think that if you are in the credit industry you need to be on theses webinars. My next stop Thanks again Mike.

  24. Joe Manning, Sr says:

    Hi Mike, I just started learning about the industry three weeks ago with my first webinar. The information I'm getting is invaluable. Looking forward to meeting you and your staff at the "BOOTCAMP".

  25. Joe Manning, Sr says:

    Mike, These webinars keep getting better and better. Keep up the good work and you will have the whole industry on the right track.

  26. Mark Guerrero says:

    Another great webinar!!!! I am a loyal member and listener of Mike and Dispute Suite!!!! Thanks Mike!!!! So informative!!! very satisfied with your services and info that you are giving

  27. Lucy says:


    I just listened to the webinar with Mike Citron and Jordan Belfort. Mike, you always bring unbelievable information. Jordan was no holds barred and totally off the hook. I have already registered for the bootcamp and can't wait to see you all there!

  28. Hey Mike,
    Your impromtu telephone script to a new prospect was awesome. I typed as fast as I could to keep up with each and every word. Very powerful and convincing. I used some of your ideas this morning to push a client over the top to make a yes decision right then and there…it worked! Thanks so much. See you at Boot Camp!

  29. Renee Crenshaw says:

    I enjoyed today's presentation however, did miss having a speaker for the session. I am looking foward to meeting you all at the upcoming bootcamp. I have happy to report that I am working with 6 client and expecting to receive another 2 shortly. I am using the DisputeSuite software which is making it much easier to communicate with clients.

  30. Salle Stewart says:

    I have had a difficult time making comments about the Webinars. I have enjoyed the information provided and did hope that I could get sent the free information you said you would provide.

  31. Daren Varner says:

    Short but substantive. I appreciate the fine line that you ride between providing true informative value and "show me the money". I am acutely aware of presenters who spend their time prepping you for the buck. I know this is not easy but your sincerity and loyalty allows you to pull it off painlessly. By the way, green does look good on you no matter what Mike Luce' says.

  32. Michael Augustus says:

    I was proud that you answered one of my questions on the webinar today. I am finding these webinars more and more valuable each week. Keep up the great work, and I really find the “freebies” valuable and useful. Thank you and I look forward to next week and my new information packet from this week….

  33. Danny Garcia says:

    Your webinars are great, always full of valuable information. I usually book the seminar for 2 hours instead of the 90 minutes because you so often take the extra time needed to answer questions

  34. Anita Allen says:

    This webinar was great! The information you provide is priceless. I am pursuing this new career path and just want to say thanks for the inspiration and the information you provided.

  35. Danny Garcia says:

    Hi Mike, Today’s webinar on compliance was once again great. I say once again because I have listened to you talk about compliance several times but it always helps to hear this very important topic over and over again. I almost always hear something that for some reason is new to me, even though I know I heard it before, I must not have thought it applied to me. Keep up the good work.

  36. Geoffrey Handler says:

    I was listing to todays webinar and i was wondering the link for the inforaton that Mr. Salam was referring to. As well the information from last week that would be great .

    Thank You

  37. Karen Michaely says:

    Enjoyed today's webinar.

  38. Manny Carrasco says:

    Hey Mike, just finished watching the webinar the only thing I can say is awesome.
    The timeing was perfect for me, the information that was shared was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for offering such a high quality webinar. I will make every effort to share as much good information forward as possible. One of the greatesst concepts I've embraced is the concept/law of reciprocity. Appreciate it very much and I look forward to seeing the video that didn't show on the webinar and listening to Think and Grow Rich on audio is gonna be great. One of the greatest things that your efforts have embedded in my head is the importance of compliance, transparency, and doing the right thing. After a hiatus I am back and really excited about cranking up and taking off. Thanks, again.
    Best Regards, Manny Carrasco

  39. Lou Baez says:

    Another great and helpful webinar Today. I recommend anyone looking to get into the credit industry, Mike is the one who can guide you in the right direction. Looking forward to next week's webinar. Keep up the good work.

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