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You probably DON’T know YOUR “Customer Experience Score”?

Do people view your customer service like a machine or like an “Experience” ?

Creating the ultimate customer experience from start to finish is crucial to the success of any business. This brief article is sparked by where I’m sitting right now…. I bring a mini laptop with me to ensure that I don’t waste any time wherever I go… Mini Laptops are a cheap way to ensure your efficiency…
Soooooo… Why is this article sparked? Well…. I just walked into my doctor’s office for a visit… Most likely it will be the last time that I visit this office- I am friendly with my Doc, and we each have set proper expectations for our relationship… BUT- his part of those expectations isn’t being fulfilled….

When I got into the business arrangement…. And YES- hiring a Doc is a business arrangement; I clearly explained my requirements to participate…. It was kinda interesting when we first engaged, I had explained that I didn’t think his office was a “fit” because I was looking into a “Concierge” level Doc that guaranteed no wait BUT came with a high membership price tag….. He talked me into coming to his practice and “Sold” me on the fact that I would be a “VIP” and would not have to wait… his statement was simple… He stated “when you come in, just say that – you’re in a rush- and that will be the “code” for you to be a priority….

Well if that was the secret code- it didn’t work…. I gave the benefit of the doubt the last few times… but now, it’s over the top… When I gave the secret code… the machine type response from the unpleasant and undertrained receptionist was horrible –  The receptionist checking me in, stated “Everyone is in a rush” we’ll get you back there as soon as possible….

Now… The Doc’s intentions were sincere but his staff was/is on a different quality level than he portrayed.. The leader (The Doc) has not set proper systems in place to ensure proper customer sevice… This is certainly not the only Doc like this… I have consulted with an innumerable amount over the years who have had similar issues…

SOoooo ultimately the expectation was not met…. In all businesses you must consider what your clients go through to engage your services. What is it like when they call you? What is it like when they e-mail you? What is it like when they have a problem or an issue?
If you don’t know, you need to find out! If you do know, is it consistent with every client? One of the key attributes of successful companies is consistency. Ensuring that you have systems in place for every customer experience is crucial… regardless of how insignificant the contact might be- you must be sure to remain consistent…

Create branding for your clients and referral partners to remember you by. I remember one company I did business with about 10 years ago, the reason I remember them is because of the consistent way that they answered the phone…

They always answered the phone with “It’s a great day at XXXX how can I make your day better?

WOW…. I imagine if you called several times a day it could get annoying but- I still remember it, and I haven’t had contact with them in 10 years….
Put a plan in place so that your clients will remember you for years after your services have been rendered…. Make it simple BUT make it consistent.
Your friend in the credit biz,

Mike Citron

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  1. Dejr Bostick says:

    This is truly something that we sometimes fail at in this business and that is the customers service part…this is the key to growth in out business

    I enjoyed the webinar today and the format that was used it addressed all the questions that i needed answered concerning how to effectively grow my credit biz.

  2. Linda Shorr says:

    Great analogy Mike! I have always wondered why some doctors feel their time is worth more than your own. I always respect my clients time and expectations. I want my clients to feel the value of my service. Your webinars are always informative. I attend whenever I's worth it! Thanks for all you do.

  3. Letty says:

    Great article! I am going to start looking for a good greeting to answer our phones. Yesterday's webinar was the best. I found it very informative even if it went over the time limit I had work to do but, lisening to you answering the question was more important. Thank you for proving all this good information that we can not get anywhere else.
    Please send me the items that you mentioned on the webinar.
    Thanks again

  4. Kevan says:

    Mike, great article and webinar. As always, I appreciate your wiliness to share, educate, and promote proper and legal operations of credit repair businesses.

  5. Steve says:

    This is SO important. I've frankly been afraid to do this, but realize I'm lost if I don't. Started to realize where my vulnerabilities are–now I realize they are opportunities to improve.

    Thanks for your continual GREAT spirit–I try to model that as often as possible.


  6. Jim Hogle says:

    Mike great webinar and as always good questions. You are the Shell answer man! Keep up the good work to keep us all on track and so we can provide a much needed service to our customers.

  7. Blair Warner says:

    You are so right, the customer service part of any industry is so important. I have lived overseas twice and nobody does it better than America, thus, the need to make sure we are doing it right since our customers are expecting it.

    Great webinars, too, Mike.

    Blair – webinar attendee

  8. Garr says:

    I appreciate your never ending effort in educating all in credit and overlooked topics such as customer service.

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