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  1. Joe says:

    Hookin’ up with you guys is way too informative and W A Y too much fun!! See ya in October!! Oh! Please send seminar template from 7/16 webinar

  2. Nick Carrara says:


    I listened to your webinar on Thursday Jule 16 and found it to be extremely useful. I now know I have promoting credit repair instead of providing individuals with credit information again,many thanks


  3. Carlos Matos says:

    Please send me copies of Peggy’s letters and the presentation video thanks.

  4. Integrity and Honesty are the only way to do this business You were 100% right on today’s webinar Mike


  5. Tricia Hall says:

    Hey Mike,
    Great webinar yesterday (9/18) on social media. I learned a great deal and have implemented things I learned already.

    I just need to reach out to you on my space, so I can get the that great resource you promised.
    I look forward to next weeks’s webinar on twitter! I have already registered.

  6. Tricia Hall says:

    Thanks again

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