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Mike Citron is on the news again!!!

Mike’s at it again! Check out Mike on our local news giving advice about refinancing homes.

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  1. Carl Swann says:

    Excellent job. I listen to the webinars every wednesday and there is a lot of great information.

  2. Samuel Gonzales says:

    Wow! Mike Citron, you are the MAN!
    Very impressive! You are leading by example and I am personally experiencing the POWERFUL waves of continual and genuine care you AND your team have for people.
    Thank you sincerely,
    Samuel Gonzales

  3. kris specht says:

    hi mike

    you meant everything to us to our business – we have learned from square 1 what to do and how to do things propertly before we got into this business – we were laid off from our previous employers and were not sure where to turn – this would mean so much to us and finally there is an even in los angeles where we can attend – please please please please and a big hug from our 1 1/2 ear old daughter – email at – kris or justin specht

  4. James P says:

    I just attended Mike Citron’s webinar and had the privilege of watching his special guest and best friend Joel Bauer. For those of you that missed this amazing content filled webinar and don’t know who Joel Bauer is, I would say, google search Joel Bauer. Joel Bauer is an amazing person and mentor. I’ve been to all of Mike Citron’s seminars and have been lucky enough to meet Joel Bauer in person and watch him speak and share his wealth of knowledge with everyone for FREE. Having this business and friendship relationship with Mike Citron has been of such great benefit and value to me and my family. For example, simply in the networking arena that he creates every time he has a seminar. Mike holds nothing back and promotes networking among the attendee’s. Mike believes we should work together and not against each other. Having this positive belief system and attitude has allowed me to make friends with a ton of people who I know consider very-very good friends. The new relationships that I have developed because of Mike’s doing have allowed me to grow not only my personal business but in personal development for myself. Because of Mike Citron and his give-give attitude I have had an amazing year – yes, because of you Mike. Thank you very-very much! Happy Holidays! 2010 James

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