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What do I Do with Attorney Letters that Imply Inaccurate Conditions?

GetAttachment[1]A friend of mine from Louisiana got a letter from a collection agency based in Louisiana that was (in my opinion) down right illegal and unprofessional. I would like to ask what or how would you handle a letter like this if it’s within the statute of limitations? It’s 10 years in Louisiana – it’s for a medical bill for $332 that’s only 2 years old. “David ___, Attorney, at CB of the South, for litigation. CB of the South has been instructed to recover the amount due with the legal means available that have become necessary and deemed appropriate. Your immediate attention is imperative to resolve this very serious matter. When a suit is filed, additional cost to the principal amounts average $300 to $600. Litigation review gives careful consideration to execution if Judgment is obtained, such as Garnishment of wages, Seizure of property or a Judgment Debtor Examination. did you know that no-shows for JD Exams go to jail in many cases? My desire and the purpose of this letter are to request that you pay the above amount due voluntarily and to strongly urge you do do so immediately.” Mike, they didn’t even state her “Mini Miranda” rights.

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