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Can You Talk about Beginners and Viral Marketing?

GetAttachment[1]Would like to learn more about viral marketing. Do you have a class or way for the beginner to learn how, and where to start?

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  1. Maurice Mendoza says:

    Awesome webinar today, really enjoyed the portion on the “what should I be looking for in a new potential client.” This information is good and will help me with accepting new clients. Also, love the new changes on Dispute Suite. Can you please send out the ‘8 Secret Credit Scores.’
    Maurice M

    • Gene says:

      todays webinar was great…do you recommend a software for contact management?
      Thanks Gene

    • Ela K says:

      I agree Mike always has the best information to share. I truly appreciate his willingness to better the industry as a whole and help people be they consumers or other repair agencies! Thank you Mike!

  2. Jill says:

    I have been reading comments and watching your videos for months… I actually signed up and nothing ever come of it, so I cancelled… I see all of these people raving about the site and how great it is… I guess I am like curious George I want to see too… I am currently doing everything the HARD WAY.. and need a better way of tracking my efforts.

    I would love to hear more on this topic…. I have heard some of Joel’s stuff before and welcome my ears to him anytime.

  3. Al Harmon says:

    Great webinar to I have reading content similar to what you were talking about today. I'am glad to see I'm on the right track of building a referral business. Thank you.

  4. Michelle says:

    Today's web-inar was outstanding always giving us more than what we need, I have a client who lost her fiance they had joint accounts. He has passed away and she filed BK7 I have explained to her that she did not need to list all her items of debt on the BK. If it was in good standing leave it alone. She explained to me that her attorney stated it was necessary that she list all of her debt. Today she called very upset because her Mortgage and vehicle are currently not showing as paid on her payment history each month. Do attorney's recieve a sort of kick back on this and why do attorney's simply tell clients they must report all debt? How can we reaffirm the debt for credit. The mortgage company stated she NOW cannot sign a reaffirmation since it's after the fact! She and i will be awaiting your response. Thank you- Michelle

  5. Maurice Mendoza says:

    Mike you guys have been outstanding and with your staff helping me out when I need it you guys have guided me through the tough times. I have been doing credit repair for almost 3 years and I have gone from 5 affiliates to 30 affiliates in 6 months. We have taken our business to a whole new level You and your staff has been an inspiration to our business and I thank God we have crossed path. My greatest fear was not being able to supply for me and my kids. Being a single dad is so hard and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Look forward to 2011 cause it will be more proftiable.

    Thanks and God Bless!

    Maurice Mendoza

  6. Maurice Mendoza says:

    Mike you guys have been outstanding and with your staff helping me out when i need it you guys have guided me through the tough fimes. I have been doing credit repair for almost 3 years and i have gone from 5 affiliates to 30 affiliates in 6 months. We have taken our business to a whole new level You and your staff has been an inspiration to our business and i thank God we have crossed path. My greatest fear was not being able to supply for me and my kids. Being a single dad is so hard and we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. Look forward to 2011 cause it will be more proftiable.

    thanks and God Bless!

    Maurice Mendoza

  7. sean says:

    We are new to the credit repair world and believe that this would set us apart from any one else. Please choose US to go to the conference!!!!

  8. Yusheeka Davis says:

    Hi Mike,

    I was on the webinar this evening and had the surprising pleasure of listening to Joel Bauer speak again. That in and of itself was a great gift so thank you for that. I know you're giving away some tickets to his event but that's not why I'm writing. In fact, I probably still wouldn't be able to go. But I'm writing because I just wanted to share with anyone who's reading, what my experience has been with you over the years. Back in December 2008, starting a credit restoration business was just a dream, it was an idea, it was research in progress, etc. etc. etc. Then I found you, don't know how, lol, but it must have been heaven sent … that's all I can say. You taught me everything I needed to know to help people successfully repair their damaged credit reports. You've helped me make more money in this business, and I've started many, than I ever have in my lifetime. You've answered every question I ever had even after I became a paying member of DisputeSuite. You've personally answered my phone calls and have taken precious time out of many days to help me in my business – free of charge. And Mike I know I don't say it often enough but I just wanted to take this time and this opportunity right now to THANK YOU, T HANK YOU, THANK YOU for all that you've done to help me grow my business and also for all of the encouragement you've given me to help me get through the tough times of operating a business. Your software helps me process more client cases than I ever could without it. You've inspired me NEVER to give up. You're responsible for about 50+ new Professional relationships I have today that have grown into invaluable friendships and profitable business relationships too. Did I mention how patient you've been with me at times where I struggled to pay some of my business bills (that's right yall, I've had and still do, some really rough times but Mike & his team has been right there to coach and see me through them). Heck, you've even helped me to make a little extra money on the side while still trying to grow my business into what I want it to be. I can go on and on and on about you but I have to get to my boys now and get ready for my bible study. The point is that I've NEVER met a better, more compassionate person than you and I'm just so happy to call you my FRIEND! Thank You Mike, Merry Christmas, & Happy New Year! I love you and your team of DisputeSuite and I need nothing in return for sharing this rather LOOONG, lol, experience that I've had with you. I'd do it again 100 times over in return for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Why? Just for you being you. Take care! Luv Ya! 🙂

  9. Jeremy Clark says:

    Wow! What a webinar. You Give and Give and Give! Christmas is Year Round with Dispute Suite. I have not opened my doors to clients yet and I have 4 accounts ready to go. I just started my company and between my wife,kids, current work, bills, ect…. It’s hard to get your bearings on what to do and how to do it. Dispute Suite is my Rock! My foundation! My mentor! Everything you recommend! Everything you teach! Is the absolute Gospel. My goal in 2011 is to not work for anybody other than my family. Your helping me accomplish my dreams! I have attended your Boot Camp. “Priceless.” I have listened to your webinars. “Inspiring.” I subscribe to your daily emails. “Helpful.” Thank you! DisputeSuite! You truly know the meaning of Giving! Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2011. Jeremy & Family.

  10. Jaslyn says:

    Aloha Mike! Thank you so much for the things you do and provide us on a weekly, almost daily basis! I have learned so much from you about business then my own local resources.

    Today was an OUTSTANDING and as always very informational webinar! Mike, thank you for your dedication and having a passion in helping us to succeed not only in the credit repair industry, but also as business owners.

    I am now so committed to growing my business knowing I have the right tools and resources available to me because of you! Please continue to do what you do best as it keeps me motivated and inspired to get my business going as people need our help more than ever during this economy. I want to be the one to share my heart to others and give them that second chance through Financial & Credit EDUCATION!

    I look forward to more great content and resources you provide! Please thank Joel Bauer for sharing his insight and the opportunity to work with him also! I hope to make it to his upcoming event in January, it will definitely help me help others in my community!

    Can you please send me a copy of the book and audio you mentioned on today's webinar! By the way, could I also get Joel Bauer's contact info.


  11. Lori Grieder says:


    The conference call with Joel Bauer was simply AMAZING and inspirational! I am an Edward James converter and I can only say that the few months I have used your system have made me feel so much more confident in my work which translates into helping more people obtain their financial dreams. After spending numerous hours listening to your recorded webinars I have learned more these past two months than the last 5 years in the business! Really spectacular.
    I am ready to grow my business in 2011 and help many more people in my community purchase their first home or refinance to stay in their homes. I just need a way to let them know that I am out here to help them. I know I am not one of the first 20 bloggers, however, my boys and their friends had been very patient during the conference call waiting for their Mac and Cheese!
    Joel said he needed some "broken" individuals to attend his seminar – I truly understand that I am blessed with my family, however, also understand that my business is "broken" and if I do not do something quickly/drastically I could be out of the business. I need to up my game plan.

  12. Jeremy Clark says:

    Wow! What an Amazing Webinar Today! Joel Bauer! A chance to attend his life changing event. You give and give and give! I have not even started my business and I already have 4 clients waiting. Dispute Suite is MY Rock! MY Foundation! My way out of working for other people other than for my family. Thank You Dispute Suite! You've given me the tools to implement and make my families life better. I've been to your Boot Camp. "Priceless". I have listened to your webinars. " Inspiring". I subscribed to your daily emails. "Helpful". You bring the Christmas spirit year round. Thank you for inspiration and the tools to make my dreams come true! Have a Blessed 2011. Thank You from Jeremy and Family!

  13. Pat Glenn says:

    Hey Mike, great webinar today. Perhaps a future webinar devoted more to short sales in particular would be good.. I am looking forward to the information on identity theft. Thanks again..

  14. Kelly says:

    Love the calls, really frustrated I forgot for some reason today and came in on the last 25 minutes. Would love to have a copy of the id theft handbook please.

  15. Randi Yager says:

    I would love to receive everything from the seminar today 2/9/10.

  16. Twyla Jensen says:

    Mike, I was on the call regarding compliance. great Call. You are very easy to understand. I am from the CRM group and just getting to know your system but really like it so far. thanks,

  17. Darrel Cunningham says:

    Enjoyed webinar today. Helpful info. You said something that raised a question above providing service. If I do seminars providing info on credit and credit scoring do the attendees have to sign a contract or am I okay as long as i start with a disclaimer and stay general and don't provide specific individual advice?

  18. Lou Baez says:

    Hello Mike

    As always, awesome webinar today.

    Thank you for the time you spend informing us in the credit repair business on how to be compliant . Very informative I've learned a great deal.

    Keep up the good work!!


  19. Jeremy Kean says:

    Great webinar today Mike. I wasnt a big fan of the ppd structure, but i am starting to think it may be an ok thing to do. can you have ol' mr luce shoot me the stuff from today's webinar? Oh and tell George he can't hang with me at the tables.

  20. Anita Berg says:

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Your webinar today on compliance was amazing. I have just started my company after listening to your webinars over the past few months. This webinar was vital to my business and I am already make some changes to make sure that my company is compliant.
    I could not live without Dispute Suite. I also wanted to say that you have the best staff. I love the continuous calls to check on my progress and the quick reply to all my emails.
    I am also looking forward to the Boot Camp in April.
    Thank you for all that you do.


  21. Mary Johnson says:

    Great webinar today. I get re-energized by listening to you. Please keep up the ghreat work.

  22. Steve M says:

    I am amazed at your willingness to contribute to us. These weekly seminars are AWESOME. They should use YOUR picture instead of the Bunny on the Energizer Battery Commercials: you'd win hands down, as you just keep going and going and going, always ready to make a contribution to others!
    Thank you for the tickets to the Joel Bauer 2-day event. It was AWESOME! Just like you!

  23. Steve Bliss says:

    Mike your webinar was awesome. I am just about ready to launch my credit repair business and I was going to use the monthly fee model but have changed my mind to the performance based contract so that I dont have any complaints down the road. Thank you very much! Please send me the documents….

  24. Jesse says:

    Mike, you are such a giver, I always appreciate your webinars, bootcamps, and quality time you spend with me.
    You have helped me to become a better business owner. Your guests always have very profound insights also.

  25. lou says:

    Great information

  26. Jan Shore says:

    Mike Thank you so much for the talk with Roger. Wow, Not only did he blow me away, but.. I am so in awe of the people YOU know! I really appreciate all you have done for Janet and our firm. Between the two of you I am experiencing a world I never thought of. Thanks again for all the work you do in behalf of everyone associated with Dispute Suite.

  27. Stephen Miel says:

    Great Webinar & Great info. Looking forward to the Boot Camp for sure. Please forward goodies. Cant get enough goodies. Thanks so much for all your efforts and everything.

  28. Marco says:

    Mike- when you say you are producing Content each week you truly mean it- I have never found so much valuable information in one place consistently each week. I cannot put a dollar amount on the return on investment I have received by spending 1 hour each week learning from you. I recommend that anyone who is in the credit repair business or is considering getting in to start listening and to do so every week like clockwork! Thanks Mike!

  29. L Parnell says:

    I enjoyed your insight on Viral Marketing. I am new to the business and eager to get my name out there in places where it can benefit myself and the potential clients that need my services. Thanks again for the info.

  30. Anita says:

    Mike your webinar is wonderful! Thank you for providing so much insight and expertise. I look forward to attending the webinar every Wednesday!

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