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What are Your Outsourcing Recommendations?

GetAttachment[1]Can you provide your suggestions for outsourcing on the next webinar? You have mentioned it on a couple of webinars and I would like to know your recommendations before I start my research.

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  1. Krysta Davis says:

    Well, you might guess that this one would catch my eye! At any rate, I did want to leave a comment about today's webinar – once again, I have come away with some new information as well as confirmation and validation of our own "philosophy" over here in our office. Thank you so much for all that you share with us and all that you continue to bring to the table for our industry in working to change, define and provide a better, more credible and valuable perception to the consumer of what "Credit Repair" can and should be! (and yes, I did raise my hand, as well – thanks!)

  2. Ken Zwiebel says:

    Can you send me your compliance slides?

  3. Vivian Kane says:

    Mike – We've spent countless hours and thousands of dollars listening to marketing gurus and experts. I have never received so much real information with no fluff. Real concepts and real ideas that I can use every day on my business. As a professional for over 17 years in my own business; it is refreshing to have someone like you provide a guest speaker who's willing to pull back the curtain without asking for anything in return. This alone is a valuable lesson on building strong long term relationships and a lesson that I'll implement today in my business. This alone is well worth my "cost" of doing business with your organization. I can only hope that you will continue providing such valuable Webinars in the future. I look forward to a very prosperous 2011. ~ Mark & Vivian Kane ~ Credit Wise Advisors, LLC

  4. Lori says:

    Thank you for the great webinars each week – Because of the caring heart you have to serve others you have brought tools and peace into many of my clients lives. I started with an income tax service and this past year added credit repair and business coaching/mentoring items. Some subjects may not have helped my "personal" business however every subject touched one or more of my clients lives.

  5. Dave Surgeon says:

    Mike..I always take something of value away from these weekly webinars. Keep up the good work.

  6. Priscilla says:

    Hello to All at Dispute Suite. I really look forward to the Wednesday afternoon webinars. The most productive webinars (for me) are when you answer the questions. If I can't get the letters to the CB or the CA right, then I feel like I am letting myself and my customers down. I learn something new everytime! Thanks for giving us your time!

  7. Kelly Wells says:

    As usual the call was wonderful today and I am working hard at staying compliant and that would be impossible without calls like this one. Thanks so much, looking forward to getting the information from you.

  8. Donna Perkins says:

    Todays information was very important to any company that wants to make this a life time career. As always Mike out does it every time for all of us

  9. Michelle says:

    The compliant webinar has been the best….I really get saturated with information when we use court cases in your discussion. it's the most factual piece of inforamtion that can't be contested, Since a District Judge has the power to overturn, it's irrefutable evidence – I have a handful of client's of prefer it that way. I have completed a lot of pro bono work and I can't tell you how excited I've been since I met the Dispute crew-. their stuck with me or I'm stuck with them. Either way I know their only a phone call away!

  10. Mary Kalk says:

    2/9/11 This compliance webinar was helpful and exciting to here the decision of Judge Charles Breyer. I also liked what you said about "not being afraid of compliance, but to embrace it" That is a better perspective to have. Looking forward to all the case info, compliance info and templates mentioned in the meeting. Thanks for being so thorough.

  11. Joyce Boyer says:

    On the call today, which by the way was great information, you mentioned there were 2 backend processing companies that you recommended. You spoke so fast that I could onky catch SCORE. Please repeat the other. Also, I was looking for recommendation on Douglas Muir that you had at Boocamp. Was that the second 1

    Also, please send goodies. THx

  12. Rafael Arce says:

    If disputing is not your best area in credit repair, looking into an outsourcing company might be the best option for your company. It can be cheaper to outsource disputing rather than keeping up or tracking the dispute process. Outsourcing could generate more income for your business by keeping key focus on sales to bring in more cash flow.

  13. miguel says:

    thanks rafael arce for telling us

  14. Fernando says:

    Mike, I am also interested in knowing about good outsourcing companies. Thank you. Fernando

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