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What Methods are Best for Several Negatives from One Furnisher?

GetAttachment[1]What if you have a client where (s)he has several negatives but most are all to one furnisher with the same address. For example, one guy has 7 short sales where the 1st mortgage was with Washington Mutual/Chase and all his second mortgages are the Countrywide/Bank of America? Is it more difficult to remove these because if you dispute one mortgage, doesn’t WaMu/Chase automatically verify the other 6 mortgage negatives?

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  1. Janet Shore says:

    Mike, Many thanks for the webinars. Thankfully you cover so many topics – I have a new client with a triple header – Bankruptcy, foreclosure and auto repo. Wow. Am both excited do my first of each of these, and a bit frightened too. Don't want to mess this up. Just putting your staff on notice, will be calling for help or more info as to which website I have to go to in order to find the info I need. Thank you thank you and thank you and your staff. Jan S.

  2. Janet says:

    Wed. Nov 3, 2010 another great webinar. I don’t which is more amazing, whether Mike Citron can share maximum information or if I, as a Senior Blonde, can absorb even a fraction of it. Mike shares his wisdom with knowledge and skill that ensures success. The ‘8 Secret Scores” is a good example, as he was speaking, all I could do was sit there thinking of all the ways to use this information. My comment of this particular video clip is that I am finding more and more certain collection agencies having multiple accounts, as they grow. The one creditor I see the most with multiple debts is AFNI. I have tried disputing both ways, one where I list every debt under one creditor, and the other way where I mailed separate letters for each debt to the same creditor. It’s too early in my test runs to see if one method is better than other. Until next time…

  3. Cheryl Risner says:

    I always enjoy your weekly webinars! It's so good to know that the most current information is available from you and your guests every week! Thanks so much for all you do!

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