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Is Confirmation of Identity Important?

GetAttachment[1]How important is it to get clients identification (such as drivers licenses, social security card or piece of mail) to confirm identity when mailing letters to bureaus? Do you need all, or one over another?

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  1. David Webster says:

    I always enjoy the webinar as it is very informative, and I try not to miss any of them. I liked today’s with the guest speakers…

  2. Robert Linkonis Sr says:

    I always get proof of identity from every client. A copy of the Driver’s License and a phone or utility bill showing the current mailing address, if the Driver’s License shows one that is different. Our process is to never sent proof of identity with any letter in the first round of disputes. We have found that is not needed. The three Bureaus respond immediately. The POI is only needed in the 2nd – 4th round of disputes. Mike – on a side note, Thank you again for your weekly webinar’s and the general professionalism in how you run your company. I can’t wait to meet you and shake your hand at the Bootcamp in April. Robert (Not published: Please send the links to Joel’s book (persuasion) as promised in the webinar on 12/22/10 as well as the promised link to both the audio and e-book editions to “Think and Grow Rich” – my all time favorite book.

  3. Janet Folkerts says:

    Comment on this video, interestingly we send 3 forms of ID on the first round and still get request for ID. On some we have actually sent three different times ID per their specifications. I ask if someone there has their finger set on that particular response form letter.
    Re: 2-16-11 Webinar -VERY GOOD ! I tell my students if they don't have a goal, it's like getting in the car without a destination. I copied his gifted set of questions to share with some family members. Thanks again for your generosity ! Each and everyone of your webinars hold volumes of tools that are so beneficial. I look forward to the audio book. It has been far to long since I read it and now thanks to you, I will be able to listen and share it.

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