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How Do We Handle “Unknown Account” Disputes?

GetAttachment[1]I’m given some tri-merges where an account is really not fully identified. This especially happens with Equifax. It reads account name as “Unknown Acct” and for its account number it reads as “XXXXXXXXXXXXX.” I have had a couple of clients where all Equifax negatives are identified as “Unk.” I try to dispute and always request a full, updated credit report; however, Equifax comes back with “please be specific” results page and no full report. How do I effectively dispute this type of account in order to get a complete Equifax report so it states more clearly what accounts are reporting to these particular clients?

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  1. Cheryl Risner says:

    As always, I enjoyed your webinar today. You are always ready to offer insightful, useful information. It is a pleasure to deal with your staff when I have questions, and I am so grateful that I found your organization. You have provided me with tools to run my business more efficiently, and more importantly, you have provided me with an instant network of business professionals who are dealing with the same challenges I face on a daily basis. That has been a huge help for a business owner like me, and I look forward to a profitable year in 2011, utilizing the tools you provide on an ongoing basis. Wishing you and your staff a very Happy New Year!

  2. James P says:

    I just attended Mike Citron’s webinar and had the privilege of watching his special guest and best friend Joel Bauer. For those of you that missed this amazing content filled webinar and don’t know who Joel Bauer is, I would say, google search Joel Bauer. Joel Bauer is an amazing person and mentor. I’ve been to all of Mike Citron’s seminars and have been lucky enough to meet Joel Bauer in person and watch him speak and share his wealth of knowledge with everyone for FREE. Having this business and friendship relationship with Mike Citron has been of such great benefit and value to me and my family. For example, simply in the networking arena that he creates every time he has a seminar. Mike holds nothing back and promotes networking among the attendee’s. Mike believes we should work together and not against each other. Having this positive belief system and attitude has allowed me to make friends with a ton of people who I know consider very-very good friends. The new relationships that I have developed because of Mike’s doing have allowed me to grow not only my personal business but in personal development for myself. Because of Mike Citron and his give-give attitude I have had an amazing year – yes, because of you Mike. Thank you very-very much! Happy Holidays! 2010. James

  3. Janet Folkerts says:

    Feb 2, 2011 Q & A Webinar SOOOOOOO informative! I can't write fast enough with all Mike's great input. I wish these were recorded so we can re-listen to the finer points that went past so fast. Great stuff I wouldn't miss these Q & A for anything. Q & A's really delivery the foundation of our business. I would love to have one series just on Student Loans…still so many things about student loans that are a mystery. I have never listened to Mike Citron that I did not learn something…His seeds of knowledge, experience and wisdom are planted for everyone's benefit. THANK YOU Mike !

  4. Stephen Leifer says:

    Got a good laugh at Red Bull comment. Great presentation today. As usual great content and more food for thought.

    Have you had a chance to check out that ID theft recovery product yet?

    Looking for what you have for us so please put me on the list.

    See you in Tampa!


  5. Janet Folkerts says:

    Re: Wed 2/9/11 Webinar = WOW ! Yes, I too am excited that someone in the legal world is acknowledging all that pertains to credit repair is not bad. In averaging Jim Crenshaw's buffet of service prices, it comes to approx. $40 each, we currently are charging $35.00 per deletion, per bureau and $5. per certified processing fee for mail. I also currently offer a Good Faith Estimate to my clients, but not totally satisfied with it's design so I am looking forward to you sharing what you have. I totally agree about the necessity of a process that is not questionable regarding payments through a 3rd party and I am really excited about your utilization of a special account in a bank. People do need structure in their money management and this will enable them to make to timely payments to the biz. These are all very powerful tools that show the progress that is being made in this industry -THANK YOU for caring !

  6. Karen says:

    I so appreciate the amount of information you make available to us and the degree to which you answer questions so we have a foundation to work from going forward.

  7. James P. says:

    Mike, as always, thank you! We really appreciated today’s webinar about your PREC Study. We continue to get so much value from every content filled webinar you hold every week. Your generous sharing of information about the credit, credit bureaus, FICO scoring and the credit repair industry has allowed us to grow in our credit repair knowledge and business significantly.

    Thank you very much! James P.

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