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Should I Contact the Court House to Prove Judgment Payment?

GetAttachment[1]I have a client that just paid off an old judgment and she is in the middle of closing on a home (has to close by Dec. 24). How can I help her to close by the 24th if the credit bureaus just received the letter Dec. 7? Should I contact the courthouse to update?

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  1. Evelio Areas says:

    Can I get the Universal Data Form for rapid rescore purposes. Thank you

  2. Patrick Aladadyan says:

    Great information…I'm a CreditCRM member and love your webinars. I was on today's webinar with Joel Bauer and was able to come away with incredible ways to get my name out. Thank you for all of your help…

  3. Patrick Miller says:

    Great Webinar Today.. Great content

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