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What is the Real Time Limit for CRAs to Respond?

GetAttachment[1]I have read in several recources as well as been told by other credit repair professionals, that the credit bureaus get 30 days to respond if a consumer purchases a report, and 45 days if they get a free one. I have also been told a variation of this which was that it’s 45 days if you order a free credit report online via the bureaus, but still 30 days if you get a free report from the bureaus by phone or mail. First of all, which of these scenarios is accurate and finally, the bigger question, where is this stated in the FRCA? The only part of the FCRA I could find that remotely resembled this was the section dealing with the dispute process which clearly stated the bureaus had 30 days to respond. Another section dealing with “resellers” said they had 45 days. That’s all I found. Nothing here mentions anything about free versus paid reports. Can you please advise?

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  1. Todd Campanella says:

    Mike your webinar today was fantastic as usual. Your knowledge of credit services is unmatched along with your marketing expertise. The information you offer consistently is priceless and I hope everyone appreciates your work as I do.

  2. steve says:

    That was FABULOUS, Mike. I read your EXPOSE and it, too, ticks me off, what they get away with. As a lawyer, I’m thinking I’d really like to consider a way to take the Bureaus to court. I kind of like the idea that they DO appear when you sue them in Small Claims Court! Thanks for your passion.

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