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How Can CRAs Claim they have Verified Negative Public Records?

GetAttachment[1]Every now and then Credit Bureaus claim that they have “verified” a negative public record. We contacted our County Records office and they told us that they don’t verify anything with any credit bureaus. How is it that the Credit bureaus made that claim?

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  1. Priscilla Lopez says:

    Mike, enjoyed last Wednesday's webinar. The insight into using outlook signatures for answering general questions was very helpful. Thanks and looking forward to the next webinar.

  2. Kim says:

    Mike, thanks for posting this one. Because I am on the webinars on a weekly basis and heard you mention this in the past, I was able to apply this process. I actually had my client get a statement signed and stamp dated and we sent it in with the magic word “SUBSCRIBER.” I know the articles will be a huge benefit, just like all the other info you provide. Thanks again.

  3. Janet says:

    I went to our county court house and asked…but did not get it in writing…but thanks to this 'tid bit' I will go back to the court house with a written sample statement , to get the court clerks signature and stamped date documenting that they are not a 'SUBSCRIBER'…Well worth the time and gas – this information will enable me to help many – THANK YOU !

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