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Never Send ANYTHING in E-mail unless it’s protected

Creating documents online is easy, but protecting them is a lot harder.

One of the methods used to prevent people from changing the document has been to change it into a PDF document.

However, that hasn’t always been easy.

First there is the cost. Using Adobe Acrobat Professional can run you a few hundred dollars and for most of us, all the extra bells and whistles just aren’t necessary.

That’s why I was excited to see that Armand Morin’s  Generator Software has just released their latest version of Instant PDF Generator.

It was an excellent program before but now with the new features, it’s proving to be the best bang for the buck.

For example, they just updated…

>> Quick Toolbar Button Access

It’s now even easier to find all the features you want to use with their redesigned toolbar.

>> Page Orientation Portrait and Landscape

Now you can flip the orientation of the page and still turn it into a PDF document. That’s real handy if you have any documents that look better on a landscape view.

>> Font Embedding and Substitutions

Using your favorite fonts is a cinch now that they’ve added the font embedding and substitutions. That means your options are completely under your control!

>> Image Embedding with Compression to Reduce File Size

This was probably one of the biggest annoyances with creating PDF documents and the folks at Generator Software have solved it perfectly.

Now adding your favorite images to any document is a breeze and with the compression feature, it won’t make your file size enormous which is a plus for people downloading it from the internet!

But Most importantly it gives you the ability to password protect documents! Sending client sensitive information via e-mail is a violation of the GLB Act! E-mail IS NOT Secure!!! One way for you to ensure that you are looking out for your clients best interest and saving yourself from $1000’s in fines is to password protect any document that has client sensitive info-

>> Security Password Access for Both Owner and User

This little extra security feature will probably be the most overlooked of all but it certainly gives you a lot more control over who has access to your documents.

By adding both owner and user security features you instantly eliminate anyone trying to read your documents who doesn’t have permission.

>> Disabling of Printing, Modification, Extraction and Form-filling

These features give you that little bit extra control over the way people interact with your documents.

>> Digital Signatures

Let’s say you are sending confidential information and you want to ensure that it’s safe and hasn’t been modified after sending it to the person you wish you recieve it.

That’s where the digital signature comes into play which gives the reader the assurance that the information has not been altered since it was sent.

Instant PDF Generator really has raised the bar as far as it’s functionality and ease of use.


Here are FOUR BIG ADVANTAGES of Instant PDF Generator:

1. Simple to Use: If you can click your mouse button, you can create a PDF document.

2. Low Cost: Other PDF creation software can run you as much as $249. You’ll save over $150 with Instant PDF Generator and it will be more simple and easier to use.

3. Convert ANY type of document to PDF: If you can print it. You can convert it to PDF thanks to the powerful conversion technology within Instant PDF Generator.

4. No Learning Curve: If you can print a document, you can use Instant PDF Generator.

It really is the most affordable and powerful solution for personal and business use.

My recommendation is to click on the link below because you’ll also be able to see a screen shot of the product in action.

Click Here to get the PDF Software I Use

Your Friend in the Credit Biz,

Mike Citron

P.S. The GLB Act has fines of up to $10,000 per page for violations… One occurrence could put you out of business! DON’T RISK IT!

P.S Last time I checked, Instant PDF Generator also came with “Lifetime Upgrades” which means you’ll never have to pay any additional charges when the product is updated or new features have been added.

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  1. Zee says:

    Very useful post for me! A minor addition – to protect your documents you have to use strong passwords.

    Ciao, Zee

  2. Morgan says:

    The program sounds great! Thanks!

  3. This is good information. Thanks for the information.

  4. Ned says:

    Mike these webinars are very informative. I gain more confidence in what I am doing each time I attend because of the content that is being taught by you. Thanks

  5. Julia Smith says:

    Priceless!!! Great webinar by the way – is there any way to listen to the webinar again? Thanks!

  6. This is a timely and valuable post! Our clients are encouraged to use the secure attachment feature of the portal when sending any sensitive correspondence to our company.

    Thanks again for your commitment to ongoing education both in your blog and weekly webinars.



  7. Curtis Weaver says:

    Great stuff keep it up

  8. David Southern says:

    Very interesting!!!!

  9. Kevin says:

    Great info Mike! Keep up the great info on the site!

    Thank you,

    K Klahn

  10. David Southern says:

    One item that appears to me to be a very useful tool is score modeling programs. Those that allow you to do the what if scenerios of what if thei item is removed then my score on TRW will be X.

    Now this is an item that most credit report venders have these days but in order for me to use it I must go thru the bank I work for and that is not exactly the great idea it appears.

    Does your program give me access to this so that I am not having to guess what the score will be but know within a reasonable degree of certinty what i need to attack and what i would be best to leave alone and not risk my clients score actually dropping because he paid off an account that was to old to be paying off?

  11. David Southern says:

    What is the general rule for most states as it applied to the person doing the mortgage for a client that also helped them with their credit issues (no matter if I was paid or did it gratus in hope of being compensated from the mortgage). In my state (SC) it is my understanding that even if I charged no fee, if I help them with their credit I can not partake in any comissions from a mortgage?

    In my state, it does require license and under the santion of the dept of consumer affairs and I have to go thru education programs that make me a consumer credit counseler, not a great fan of CCC because so many have been treated so poorly by so many companies that turned out to be more scam than real help and lenders treat CCC as the treat a BK-13 anyway. helping someone handle their credit issues, is to me a wonderful service, paid or not by the credit help done, but I do not want to be their bill paying service (CCC) nor do I understand having to work for no pay when I do a professional job at anything I under take?

    The government seems against me helping clients get their credit to report only thse things that are correct, the repositiories themselves seem to be against my wanting my clients only to be fairly reported, and the clients are scarred because they have heard so many aweful stories of credit repair people that promised so many over the top things but in the end delivered very little for the thousand or so dollars they were charged?

    It is a Bizzarro type of situation to me in a time when so many financial issues are killing so many that at one time had wonder credit but now find themselves in extremely tuff shape. Where is the fairness or the concern for all of these people? If governments both local, state, and federal would get out of the way, we could help people a lot more than they are allowing us to now. It is not right!!!

  12. David Southern says:

    On your basic $45/mo service that has the 30 day free feature to test drive it, can I stop that at any time or am I comitted to a number of months at $45/mo even if my time becomes such that I can not longer afford to comit to this?

  13. Lewis says:

    Thanks for providing this useful information. I will definitely follow your recommendations.


  14. Eric Medina says:

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for this information. Definitely something I can use. By the way, great webinar today.

  15. Ned says:

    Ron really brokedown the impact we in this industry will have on peoples lives in the years to come. Angela’s radio results will definitely make me consider radio. The call was great.

  16. LaMont says:

    Mike, as usual, GREAT job!!! I really enjoyed listening to both Ron and Angela was enlightening to say the least. And we look forward to employing the ideas that they both presented. Please send me the page 5 that Ron discussed as soon as possible… Thanks again for ALL that YOU do to enhance our business and our industry…

  17. Jeremy says:

    Can anyone tell me when the next few conferences will be after Vegas? I’m very interested in attending but need some dates and locations

  18. David says:

    Mike, that was a great webinar today. Mr. Jamison is doing a great job with his training for expert witnesses and I hope to attend his seminar in the future. Thanks for all you do for the industry!

  19. Charlie says:

    Good info and I really enjoyed the SEO webinar today. I look forward to learning more about SEO and WordPress.

  20. Loan Goddess says:

    Mike, Good info. I also would like to let you know of a FREE PDF software I use to convert documents to PDF. It is Primo PDF I also use YouSendIt as a way of sending files with secured passwords. You can get a free version of that as well and paid version of $9.95 or somethink like that if needed for big files.


  21. Jim Hogle says:


    Enjoyed the webinar and all the information. Wow great lineup for the Boot Camp!
    Looking forward to all the interaction with other "credit minded" geru's. Thanks for the security tip and affordable software to keep us Legal and Compliant. See you soon!

  22. Mike,
    Enjoyed the webinar today, always learned even more today.

  23. Jan Shore says:

    Enjoyed the Webinar today. You had several comments on subjects that have been under discussion our our office so far this week. We have had a repo, tax lien and 2 bankruptcies so far this week. Wow! Thanks for the explanation on the 623 letter. I really appreciate all the help you give everyone. I, would like to hear more about student loans. Seems we are getting a lot of those where they are sold, sold and sold and I am having a difficult time figuring out just what the client does owe. I do not know enough about the process to ask the lender an intelligent question.

  24. Amin Shah says:

    Time honored strategies in business and life presented by Roger Salam today is one of the most meaningful webinars I've heard. If possible, please send me a link for a replay. I would appreciate it very much.

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