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When the CRAs Aren’t Specific about the Dispute in Question

GetAttachment[1]I’ve been getting lots of letters from Transunion lately stating “RE: Verification Documents Not Available,” but they’re not specific about which one of the disputes was unverifiable. Have you seen a lot of these letters, and if so, how do you normally respond to them?

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Just wanted to say that last week’s webinar gave me confidence going over the Credit Myths and I learn more each time when Mike answers the submitted questions. I feel this section is especially helpful because the questions posed are ones that others have thought of or experienced.

    This Wednesday’s webinar especially hit home. Unfortunately, I have many of those foibles and have a lot of improvements to make. I will be implementing several of Mike’s efficiency tips. In fact, this weekend I’ll be looking for a second monitor. Great work as usual!

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