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How are Other Agencies Removing Derogatories within 30 Days?

GetAttachment[1]There are people advertising the ability to remove all Equifax derogs in 30 days. They are willing to put funds in escrow until work is done. It appears that this is legit, how could they do that?

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  1. lisa says:

    Thank you for all the information in today’s webinar! I have made alot of notes and I am ready to rock and roll.

  2. Henry Rosenzweig says:

    Your Webinar today was so informative and interesting. Keep up your good work.
    Also, I noticed the changes in DisputeSuite, they're only getting better! Thanks!

  3. garr says:

    Wow, very interesting stuff. Thanks for the interesting information.

  4. Artricia says:

    Hi Mike!

    I attended my first webinar today and I HAVE LEARNED SOOOOOO MUCH!
    I am in the first stages of planning my credit repair business which is how I discovered your site. I am very excited about setting things up right from the beginning, which is why this first webinar on “Compliance” was critical for me. I am so excited about the payment plan so now I’m able to attend the upcoming Boot Camp in October. The price was just perfect for my small budget.

    I love your format and I’m looking forward to receiving Expose and the contract you just mentioned! I’ve also signed up with Ox Publishing so I can offer great tools to my clients from the beginning. Thanks so much for being a terrific guy and an amazing business man. I look forward to learning so much from you and DisputeSuite. I plan to use DisputeSuite when I’m ready to open my doors. Hopefully, I will use your credit repair Biz in a Box as my guide to setting up my business correctly.

    Thanks so much! You are totally amazing. My business and I are grateful for the education and the weekly training.

  5. Todd Campanella says:

    Mike, your weekly webinars are extremely informative, and they help with all aspects of my business. Keep it up!!!!

  6. Michelle Moore says:

    Were enjoying today’s, 16th of June, webinar on compliance.

  7. Aida Walls says:

    We are so greatful for the training that we’re receiving from you, Mike. We are just starting out and have a lot more to learn. We are soaking in all the compliance sections, and thank goodness a lot of them are implemented. Some that we didn’t know, and that we heard from the webinar, shall be implemented. We would like to get the goodies you are giving us. We’re still waiting for the copy Expose and the clip from CBS on the copier machines with the hard drive that captures images of all copies made. Greatly appreciate it.

  8. Daisy says:

    Super!….is just another understatement for today's webinar on Compliance. Thank you for ALL that you do! And yes, we are a Dispute Suite software user, and it is ssssssoooooo user friendly.

  9. Marian says:

    There isn’t a webinar that goes by that I don’t learn more. I have found that you inspire me to reach new heights. I found that your critique of websites on compliance is helpful. Listening to you always gives me new and better ideas. The only problem I have is that I want to stay for the entire time, but usually that is 2.5 hrs, just more than I can schedule. How can I get all the information and stay on a time restraint?

  10. philip brody says:

    Thanks, great call. And thanks for your help with Ox. You’re always there to help us.

  11. dave bochenek says:

    Wow, Mike. You never cease to Amaze me. Thanks for more info on how to become better at what we do. I Love your openess and Honesty = INTEGRITY in ALL you SAY and DO. I also want to thank you for your GENEROUSITY in blessing us with Extras we can use to have a better business. I was one of the webinar attendes on today’s, 6/16/10, webinar, and stayed on until the end. Could you please email me the contract you talked about? You had also mentioned we could request a list of companies that would be good for outsourcing to. If you get a chance, could you please foward me that info too please? Thanks again, MIKE, for ALL YOU DO. You are TRULY a Blessing to us. Sincerely, Dave.

  12. Joe says:

    Hey, Mike:

    Another INFORMATIVE WEBINAR! The only problem is that sooo many business operations/marketing questions should already be known by business owners attending the webinar. I feel the questions should be isolated to compliance, site reviews, credit repair techniques, score-boosting strategies, etc. Those “business owners” who ask such basic questions are KILLING this industry. Even if you, or others, “teach” or “train” them, they don’t seem to comprehend. Good luck to us all! P.S. Lookikng forward to reviewing you version of a CROA contract!

  13. Joe says:

    P.P.S. Seems that those “business owners” have NOT read or understood CROA! Some of those sites you reviewed today had BULLSEYE and NEON SIGNS all over them saying, “hey, I’m non-compliant! Come get me!!” This is like a slow death…!

  14. Janet says:

    Mike, Great Wed 6/16/10 webinar!!! I was on when you said at 6:06 pm those still with you would receive a free copy of the Face To Face Contract. At 6:19 Florida’s electrical storm shut off my Auburndale. Every time it rains, the electricity goes off (well, it seems that way). Anyway, when I was able to get back on you were gone……I absolutely hate to miss out on ANYTHING you have to say. ALWAYS, ALWAYS informative !!! I love learning so much new info! You make it exciting. You gave some wonderful HOW TO tips today that will help me in structuring my contract and fees. Till next time……

  15. jimhogle says:

    New FTC laws passed last Dec also would challenge the “30 days.” If the FTC wanted to challenge the 30 days they claim, that company would have to prove that this is their “average or normal result,” Tough to do… be careful with your advertising. Jim.

  16. Raul Mesta says:

    HI Mike, What can I say, the webinar today was good as always.
    Now with July 1st on top of us, can you do a webinar on how best to address and word the letters to the creditors? How to find their contact info when it is not listed on the consumer’s credit report? Etc.
    Thanks, and also so glad to know you guys are starting the Credit Repair National Association, I’m sure it will be a great forum.

  17. Ela Kitchen says:

    Mike ,
    Great webinar this morning! The information you pass on to everyone in the industry is priceless! I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and time with everyone in this way! Thanks for being a true leader and taking an interest in bettering the industry as a whole!

  18. Steve Meyers says:

    I agree with what you're saying. I guess there still are consumers (customers) who will fall for this, but I think that most consumers are getting educated sufficiently to recognize that at a minimum, there has to be a 30 day cycle for the correspondence to go back and forth. 30 days just won't fly. Let alone using the word "all".

    I think the use of the escrow might give them a certain level of protection, and may disagree with you a bit here. I know–that seems strange. I teach securities laws compliance when raising money at an entrepreneurial residential boot camp 5 times a year, and my theme is ALWAYS OVER-COMPLIANCE. But I would argue that if the state law permits the escrow procedure and they complied with it, what they were claiming was not really a "guarantee," but rather defined their "refund policy."

    In any case, your post points out the importance of constant education and training for all of us involved in this business. What seems like a simple question can turn out to be really complex. WAY TO GO MIKE CITRON!

    And thank you.

  19. Gary O. Shelton says:

    Michael, you are the state of the art resource in the credit repair industry. I enjoyed the Webinar that I attended yesterday and would appreciate it if you would refer me to outsource processors. I am located in Los Angeles and I am in the process of setting up a blog.

  20. Chuck Felton says:

    Hey Mike!

    Love your seminars! Please, keep up the good work.

    If you would send me a copy of the contract you spoke about, I would really appreciate that. I want to compare it to my current one.

    Thanks so much.

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