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Best Ways to Handle Car Repossessions?

GetAttachment[1]How to handle car repossession?

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  1. Rondi Lambeth says:

    Thanks for the GREAT info. I just found that Colorado requires the repo company to call the police one hour before they repossess the vehicle! As always your website offers a wealth of information. I only hope my website can someday offer as much as you do.


  2. jimhogle says:

    Wow, how did you find all this out?? There are so many laws violated in each type of account activity! I am sure the car repo guys don’t know all the laws either. Good news for the consumers, that’s for sure. Great stuff keep up the good work. See you in Dallas.

  3. Steve Meyers says:

    That was great, Mike. Just read the California statute on it (Section 2983.2 of the California Civil Code). Being California, of course it is extremely Byzantine. I doubt whether most folks doing the repos come even close to complying. What a great tool for consumers. As an attorney, I am trained always to ask: “Read The Codes!” Just hadn’t imagined the laws were so rigorous and involved. Yea California! Yea Mike Citron for being so generous and caring and sharing!
    Thank you.

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