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Any Suggestions for Getting Clients to Forward their CRA Letters?

GetAttachment[1]The struggle for me is getting the client to send in the letters they receive from the credit bureaus and collection agencies. I feel that I need these to know what my lext letter should be. Suggestions on how to handle?

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  1. Lyndasue :) says:

    Mike, you ROCK! I usually can't be on the Wednesday Webinars because I'm in school full time, but I'm putting recording software on my netbook so I can record them while in class….Yeah! Today's webinar on compliance was great! I will be launching my credit repair company in about 6 months……I'm so excited!! I LOVE this industry and want to be part of the national association organizations you speak about. Thanks for everything you do for all of us!!

  2. Cheryl says:

    This week’s webinar on compliance was awesome! Having Mike detail section by section gave me a greater understanding of CROA. In fact I got writers cramp trying to absorb all of Mike’s tidbits. And, hey Mike, thanks for your generosity on giving us a sample agreement!

    Re: This Video topic: We provide our clients with an avery sheet of our company’s mailing address but no envelops. We have several clients who send in older correspondence along with their current responses and it takes a larger envelop instead of the standard #10. Yes, it appears all of us in the biz have this common problem.

  3. Janet' says:

    There is logic: I can help you IF you help me..
    There is force: There are bad and costly repercussions IF you don’t, plus we will have to dismiss you from our program.
    There is motivation: IF you respond within X days of receiving your CRA responses, we will reward you with one of the following: a) Surprise Bonus; b) discount off your final payment; or c) some other incentive that is ONLY given out as this reward! I was always told that most people, when asking”WIIFM,” prefer rewards more than penalties. Create BENEFITS that fulfill the client’s “ME, ME, ME” need.

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